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Gina Naomi Baez Will Illuminate Your Heart With Her Latest Single Release

Singer/songwriter Gina Naomi Baez brings warmth and bright pop stylings to her latest music! Best known for her music video parody "Truth Hurts x Hocus Pocus", based on infamous pop artist Lizzo's original track, Gina has already established a prominent name for herself within the music industry and is furthering her career with a string of new music. Gina Naomi Baez is an artist that consistently releases tracks and videos for her listeners, allowing an in-depth view of her artistic life primarily through her Youtube channel. One of Gina's latest pieces of work, "Illuminate My Heart", was recently debuted, and holds catchy and light-hearted tunes in order to shape an alluring atmosphere.

There's a magical essence to the production embedded within "Illuminate My Heart". Gina Naomi Baez takes us through her innate desires and hopes during her track, speaking from a deep and intimate place. Gina Naomi Baez always strategically chooses a mystic, compelling and upbeat melody, which always tends to resonate best with her listening base. You get to feel a sense of positivity wash over you with the vocal tendencies of Gina, and "Illuminate My Heart" gives off this exact sensation. One trait you'll soon come to realize about Gina Naomi Baez and her music is how enriched and warm each track of hers will always come off, regardless of the actual lyrical content. We're pretty convinced that Gina could sing pretty much anything, and make it sound magical. "Illuminate My Heart" holds a purity that is exclusive to Gina Naomi Baez, and we're hoping this purity extends itself into her future work!

Listen to "Illuminate My Heart" by Gina Naomi Baez here.

Hey there, Gina Naomi Baez! Your latest music offering, "Illuminate My Heart", debuted this month and saw an array of whimsical and aspiring tones we felt easily connected to. When going into the creative writing of this single, were you basing the lyrical content off of your own personal thoughts and feelings, or more so creating a narrative to fit the love theme?

Thanks so much! I think when creating this single it was a mixture of both. The song isn’t necessarily about love, it’s about loving what you do with your life. There is this rush, this feeling that runs through my veins every time I get to do what I love, whether it be singing, performing live, etc. and I wanted to take that emotion, that feeling and make it into a song. Being an artist there are a lot of highs “notice a glow so strong it parts the clouds" and a lot of lows “stuck in a pitch black”.  It also slightly conveys the message that yeah, people might not understand or agree with what you do and what you do with your life but if it fulfills you then “they’ll just be uninvited”. 

You're quite an active artist, consistently releasing singles and/or videos to keep up with your listeners! Looking back at the vast majority of work you've released, how do you feel "Illuminate My Heart" compares to these other tracks?

I think Illuminate My Heart is a big step towards the pop world while still staying focused on the singer/songwriter aspect and the importance of telling a story through lyrics. I wanted this song to have that dreamy whimsical aspect, almost like jumping from one cloud to another.

Let's chat quickly about your parody of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts"! Did you expect the video to gain as much traction as it did?! What were the motivations behind creating this music video? Were they based on your own personal interest toward Hocus Pocus?

Oh my gosh, my Truth Hurts parody was unbelievable and completely unexpected. I am first and foremost a theatre girl and I love the movie Hocus Pocus and Bette Midler! When I was listening to Truth Hurts I saw in my mind the Sanderson Sisters singing the song saying 100% that witch and then the rest of the song just wrote itself. It kind of just poured out of me and I tweaked the verses for a few days before settling on what it is today. My motivation was simply to make a fun parody video to add to my channel. It was a creative project but I never imagined the amount of attention it would receive. The fact that Lizzo and Bette Midler both posted about it and gave their approval had me in shock and honestly still has me in shock til this day!

Thank you, Gina Naomi Baez, for answering our questions here on BuzzMusic! Where do you hope your music takes you next now that you've debuted "Illuminate Your Heart"?

You’re welcome! Now that I’ve debuted “Illuminate my Heart” I have another single coming out soon and then an EP in the near future. In the midst of that, I am still going to release more fun youtube parodies (as they come to me) and pursue my acting career! Lots to focus on, but being constantly creative and busy is the way I prefer it to be!


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