Hunter Blair Ambrose Releases First Song From Upcoming R&B Album, “Scorpio Season”

New York City’s Hunter Blair Ambrose is an up-and-coming pop and R&B singer-songwriter worth following. She fuses a unique blend of synth-pop, alternative R&B, and dark pop. She originally released two singles called “Right Now” and “November” to an international audience. Legendary artists Lady Gaga and RedOne helped write her single, “November.” Lady Gaga is one of Hunter Blair Ambrose’s main artistic influences, alongside The Weeknd, Drake, and Ariana Grande.

Most recently, Hunter Blair Ambrose released a single called “Scorpio Season,” from her upcoming debut album of the same name scheduled for release in October 2020. “Scorpio Season” has a typical R&B backtrack that includes a soft trap-like the beat and an echoing melody. The gentle vibe of the background music leaves room for Hunter Blair Ambrose to spotlight her smooth and silky voice. Lyrically, “Scorpio Season” is a motivational song about taking control of her life by telling a story through metaphor. She repeats the phrase “this season is mine” throughout the song to enhance “Scorpio Season’s” confidence-boosting energy. With Hunter Blair Ambrose’s original spin on R&B music, you’ll find yourself adding “Scorpio Season” to your February playlists.

Listen to “Scorpio Season” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Hunter Blair Ambrose! You like to combine synth-pop, alternative R&B and dark pop aspects to your music, and we see this style in “Scorpio Season.” Can you tell us why you create your music with these specific styles?

For one, my earliest musical influences always were a combination of more traditional pop and R&B, so those two genres have always been an integral part of my musical foundation. Once I got a bit older and looking into more alternative styles of both pop and R&B, I discovered artists like The Weeknd, Drake, Tove Lo, etc who all were thematically and lyrically more of what I wanted to express in my music. I wanted to be able to take elements of all of these artists I admire and package them into something original through my own work.

We know that you have many legendary musical influences including Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Drake and Ariana Grande. Can you elaborate on how these artists inspire your songwriting, and if you incorporate any of their styles into your music?

Once I got a bit older, themes like heartbreak, loneliness, sex, deprivation, and intoxication were so present in all of the artists I was influenced by, and their music. So once I realized I related to those things in my own life too, I knew those would be lyrical cornerstones that I wanted to cover in my songs. These artists were like the soundtrack to the specific time in my life that inspired my songs for Scorpio Season.

Lady Gaga and RedOne are credited for writing one of your first singles “November.” Can you share with us what you learned from collaborating with these artists?

Gaga has always been arguably my most important influence musically. To be able to incorporate pieces of her music into mine was an honor and something I don’t take lightly. My song November which features that credit is a standout in my career for sure.

Your song (and your debut album) is called “Scorpio Season.” Could you explain to us what this title means to you?

Because of the title, my album is obviously inspired by the feel, sounds and imagery of fall time and the darker alt-R&B and dark pop sounds seemed like the perfect soundscape to pair to these lyrical topics. Scorpio Season refers to a specific time in my early 20s when these events I sing about took place.

What can we expect to see from Hunter Blair Ambrose throughout 2020?

2020 will see the release of the first body of work, my EP, called Scorpio Rising which will be released very soon. Then, the full album version, called Scorpio Season will be released on Halloween this year. I’m so excited for everyone to hear it!