Indie-Pop Artist Rikki Valentina is Here to Establish Genuinity With "April Fool"

We love the way Rikki Valentina arranges her vocal outflow. We've always had. The Los Angeles Indie/Pop artist installs an honest and open environment for listeners with her musical curations, which has always made us feel that much closer to her on an artist-to-listener level. Already having her independent record label, Rikki Valentina aims to reach high in the music world, much beyond her artistry. Once we became highly aware of the potential that resides within Rikki Valentina, we knew her music had to be added to our playlists right away.

Recently, Rikki Valentina has been coming out with new music that captures that neatly-packed, authentic styling we appreciate ever so much from her sound. 2019 sees its end soon, and with it, the release of Rikki Valentina's "April Fool". The track has a palpable honesty to it, which we know is developed from the refined projections of Rikki. The immediate use of ukelele sets the tender tone for Rikki Valentina's "April Fool". This particular track reminds us so heavily of Billie Eilish's "party favor". We really had to get that connection out of the way, as the two artists sound incredibly similar! The natural sense of innocence, tied in with a clear purity. Rikki Valentina has a vocal sound that easily flows without any imperfection. "April Fool" will be the indie/pop single that resonates well with listeners, and mainly because Rikki Valentina has such an intricate way of establishing that artist-to-listener connection. We felt that connection right away--there's almost an intimate approach to the way she goes about her vocal construction. With a soft and genuine delivery, Rikki Valentina makes it very easy to fall in love with her voice, and overall persona she presents within her music. Hopefully, 2020 sees more of Rikki Valentina's charm!

Discover Rikki Valentina's "April Fool" here.