JLM Hits the Ground Running with his Debut Alt-Rock Single “Reality”

Based in Atlanta, JLM is a contemplative Alt-Rock singer and songwriter who has started his music career with a bang.

He recently released his debut single “Reality” and has since been attracting his fans by pushing artistic boundaries. Last summer, the east coast artist found himself struggling to decide what he wanted to do with his life. He was stuck in a battle between living someone else’s life or taking the leap to pursue his own “reality.”

His debut single has shown fans that JLM knows how to turn his introspection into an art form they can immerse in. By sharing his raw experiences and encouraging the idea of staying true to yourself, listeners will be able to connect to his lyricism on a deeper level. While the songwriting process was completed by JLM himself, he collaborated with producer Tyler Kimberly known for his “heavy-hitting” writing. Working with other artists allows JLM to diversify the aesthetics of his music and continue to evolve as an Alternative Rock artist.

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