Joel Christian Gives Us Something New with “Gemini”

Joel Christian is a queer pop singer, songwriter and performance artist who creates a dark fantasy with his music. He showcases a horror aesthetic that makes his pop music mysterious and alternative. His genre is a combination of dark-pop and electronic, and his new song “Gemini” is a fantastic representation of this. The lyrics express a battle with heartbreak which is relatable to almost anyone. Joel Christian maintains a quick and intense beat while making his voice sound electric. There is a large difference in the tone of the chorus and the verses which will keep listeners on their toes. The combination of his music techniques stays true to his dark pop and horror aesthetic. Influenced by music legends known for their unique edge, including David Bowie and Marilyn Manson, he combines visuals with his artistry.

With “Gemini,” Joel Christian has successfully created a one of a kind piece of art that will impress you if you are a fan of his genre. Joel Christian’s energy is contagious for many people; the song is currently being streamed in over 40 countries. The unique sound of “Gemini” is what allows Joel Christian to create a new branch pop identity.

Listen to “Gemini” here.