Joshua Blane Brings a Deep and Dark Mood With His Powerhouse Hit, "Devil In The Dark"

From Southern US to Los Angeles, the Electro-Pop Artist Joshua Blane releases a mighty tune just in time for Halloween with his latest hit, "Devil In The Dark."

Always seeking to bring carefully crafted Pop music to the stage, Joshua Blane draws inspiration from his experience as an LGBTQ+ artist while portraying queer lives through his sound's magnetic Pop feel. 

With his recent single "Devil In The Dark," we're blasted through the song's thrilling atmosphere with help from dark-infused Electro-Pop production and Joshua Blane's natural charm and charisma while he sings desirous and playful lyricism. Each verse Blane takes us through is incredibly gripping and sultry, painting vivid images of lust as the nights begin to get colder. 

"Devil In The Dark" begins with haunting church bells, adding a darker texture to the song, perfect for this spooky time of year. Once the thrilling bassline appears through powerful synths and their meticulous arrangement, Joshua Blane powers through with his melodic and poised vocals singing a sensual story of needing someone's touch. 

While Joshua Blane continues singing with the utmost dominance through his playful and lustful lyricism, the supporting production perfectly supports his raw tone with help from exhilarating Electro-Pop production that exudes nothing but heat. 

We love the entire mood and atmosphere that Joshua Blane has captured with his powerhouse hit "Devil In The Dark," as we're left adding this song to the top of our Halloween playlist. 

We're grooving away with your lively and powerful single, "Devil In The Dark." What inspired you to write a song with a darker and sultry tone? 

I really wanted to put out something around Halloween that was a nod to the season without being obviously themed. I love dark pop and it seemed fitting to lean in this direction with the lyrical content and production of the song given its release date. I know 2020 has been labeled as "canceled" by so many, and I definitely want to reiterate that I hope everyone is staying safe - but I am so used to the Halloween season being full of parties and nights out that I wanted to provide an energetic pop song that was totally dance-worthy for people to jam out to at home since much of the nightlife has been put on pause. 

How long was your single "Devil In the Dark" in the making? Did you create this song somewhat recently, or was this a hidden archive that was perfect for this time of year?

"Devil In The Dark" was such a last-minute decision in terms of production. I actually wrote it about a fling I had that ended up going nowhere. I was on the phone with a friend saying that I always end up feeling like "the bad guy" for wanting someone who puts in the effort. I know it is somewhat of a cliche, but I had never written from the perspective of me being the problem. I loved the idea of making myself the villain in my own story and thought "If I could pull this off, it would be so fun to release for Halloween". I texted the producer I have been working with that I had this idea stuck in my head, and on my way to the studio, I just started taking voice memo notes on my phone. By the time I was in front of the mic I had the entire song ready to go. It NEVER works that way, where a song comes out instantly, but everything just kind of magically lined up this time and I am so happy it did.

Within your single "Devil In the Dark," you offer such descriptive and detailed lyricism that depicts quite sensual scenes. Would you say this is an easy process for you, writing lyrics that stimulate the listener? 

First off, thank you so much for that compliment! I feel like each song is different - some of them are instantly there, some of them start with an idea that you have to find the right words for, and some are a complete struggle to write. I feel like because I am one of those old souls that still loves poetry and some of the great pioneers of songwriting, it is easy for me to write lyrics that tell a story. I consider myself a pretty sensual person, so I enjoy tapping into that side of myself to get the right imagery across my lyricism. It is that way with all songs for me. You have to be able to tap into whatever emotion is behind it for you to get those really great lyrics out. For "Devil In The Dark," it wasn't enough to just have a pulsing beat and driving synth chords, I wanted the lyrics to take the listener on the lovesick journey that I was going through as I wrote it. I hope that people hear it and not only love the fact that it is an energetic song but also love the lyrical image it paints as well.

Speaking on the entire production within your single "Devil In the Dark," did you have any help forming the song's production? How did you create the piece to offer such an irresistible atmosphere through your thrilling sonics?

I work on every aspect of every song I write and I am so proud of that. I know it is the very industry to have a team that helps you write, record, produce, etc. but the entirety of my music is just done between myself and my producer, Daniel Garner (aka Aurient). We met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend and when I found out he was producing his own stuff, we made plans to link up and see if we could create anything together. All the songs I have released (and the many more that are currently in production) I have had the pleasure of doing together.

Typically the process for us works really simply: I have a concept for a song or some lyrics in mind that I bring to him. Together we run through my ideas and decide on the best direction to take the song by messing around a bit in the studio (this is always the experimental fun part). Then once we decide on where we want to go, I edit all my lyrics to get a final version of the song and we sit in the studio together and work on the production. Daniel is an INCREDIBLE listener and there are times when I don't even finish my sentence before he already is working on my suggestions because he just gets me so extremely well. The best part about our work is that we have this agreed stance on music. We never try too hard to make anything happen. If it's forced, you can tell. Instead, we just spend all the time we need to let the song come out on its own. I know it sounds corny, but I swear it works!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

There has been SO MUCH great music released this year. It is so hard to keep up! I stay listening to new artists, as well as some amazing content from my favorites and it definitely keeps me motivated to continue the creative process. Also, not to play too much to the obvious, but this year has been so difficult for so many people around the globe. My mission with my music is always to just relate to someone, get someone to smile, or help brighten someone's day. Knowing that we are all more or less in this universal rough spot keeps me wanting to work harder and harder to produce music that people can escape to. I want to be the type of artist that provides an escape to a better place through my music. There is a lot up ahead.

As I said, I have been working on a lot of songs in production and I will be dropping those singles as they wrap, so expect at least one or two more songs before the end of the year! I don't want to say too much because it is still early, but I actually just brought a concept to the studio for a larger body of work so I am really eager to get started and have something a little more sonically cohesive for people to listen to as well in the future.