"Just Stay" by St. Levi, Has You Familiar with the Repeat Button

Multifaceted Israeli artist St. Levi is back with yet another effervescent release with, “Just Stay.”

As a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist St. Levi picked up the guitar at the age of 9 and began producing at the age of 15. St. Levi knew he was destined to release his musical creations to a world that would embrace his soul-infused attributes.

Combining a world of playful tenors wrapped in heartfelt authenticity, St. Levi has us fully absorbed in the buoyant avenues of “Just Stay.” Dazzling us in a thought-provoking surge of pop magnitude, St. Levi ushers us towards his narrative as he navigates us through his melismatic timbres. Pulsating through the speakers, we’re engrossed in the electro-pop elements that shape this song to be more than just an intoxicating single; down to the spellbinding breakdown.

“Just Stay,” has us doused in glistening rays of realism that come throttling from the vulnerability of St. Levi as he addresses his anxiety and loss of purpose as the one he fervently loves is no longer by his side. The means of talent that it takes to flip a situation of full transparency and create a head-bopping hit is undeniable.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, we’re always graced with the genuine emotions felt by St. Levi as he manages to bring his audience into his own world and has them connecting the pieces on a level that states ‘you’re not alone.’ Be sure to indulge in the top-tier production quality of “Just Stay” as St. Levi exudes a vibrant persona that will have you at a loss for words.

Congratulations on the release of “Just Stay.” This single carries forth an extensive amount of energy. We love that! What shaped the inspiration that lies in the lyrics of “Just Stay”?

Thank you so much! It actually was written a few years ago on top of a very different production, I felt like it’s a song that I have to write, it was a subject I didn't write about until then, I’m super happy with the result, it’s also like a self-therapy to me so it feels amazing to finally have it released out to the world.

You have a knack for taking lively instrumentations and laying your vulnerability into the soundscape. Is that something that comes naturally to you? Did you find the creation process for “Just Stay” fairly easy to navigate through?

Wow, I appreciate it so much, thank you. Vulnerability is an amazing thing that tells a lot about authenticity, I think that when you're showing your “weak sides”, which are obviously super common and super normal, you show other people that they’re not alone, I wasn’t like that all of the time, it’s something that I needed to learn and I constantly work on, “Just Stay” is a really honest song and at the beginning of my career, not all of my songs were very honest to be frank. This song was not the easiest song to write and it went through a long process but I can say that it was super fun to make.

Could you please share a glimpse of what your creative process entailed when fashioning the jaunty “Just Stay”?

For sure, as I said, I had a different production under the lyrics and I was supposed to be featured on a DJ track but both of us were not very happy with the result and we put the song aside, I really loved the lyrics so I got back to the session like a year after and re-produced and re-recorded everything, I produced most of the track in a few hours the same day so it was very intuitive for me production-wise, then it took a lot of time to wrap up the mix and all of the small details of the track, for example, I have about 40 vocal tracks in it, so I really paid a lot of attention to every little second.

What is the main message that you’re sending out to your audience through your artistry?

The main message is a message of unity, of growth, of listening to yourself.

I would really want to inspire and motivate people to get up and do what they love the most, take the risks and give it all they got!

What can fans anticipate next from you?

So so much! I have more singles and collaborations to be released very soon, there’s also a music video for “Just Stay” coming soon as well. Plus, did I mention an album?