Kora Releases Controversial and Poetic EP “My Sixth Dimensional Existence”

By: Isabella W - February 10, 2020

Kora is an independent singer-songwriter, producer and engineer from The Bay Area, California. She discovered her passion for music at the age of 15 and has since been intrigued by the life of a performer. Thought-provoking lyrics and stage presence come naturally to Kora, which is why she wanted to augment her talents from just singing and writing to production and engineering.

Kora has released an EP called “My Sixth Dimensional Existence” in which she produced the beats for two of the four songs. “My Sixth Dimensional Existence” is an EP that is truly delightful.  The spotlight of each track concentrates mostly on her lyrics and message, rather than vocals and instruments. She uses an overwhelming amount of sound effects and techno-styled instrumentals. Most of the lyrics are either spoken or artfully sung with a dry, monotone approach. This uncommon style of vocals gives Kora’s EP “My Sixth Dimensional Existence” its poetic quality. Each song has a different message relevant to world problems.

The first track of the EP “2:03Am” is mostly electronic, and the repetitive lyrics are spoken with a robotic sound. This song focuses on the idea of freedom.  Kora repeats the idea of flying through the sky many times throughout the song. “If I Fall” is the only song of the EP that Kora sings instead of presenting her lyrics in a spoken-word style. For a few verses near the end of the song, her voice is altered to sound very high pitched. Her vocals are subtle and lack a steady melody, leaving room for the focus to be upon the message. This song reflects on Kora’s idea of Generation X overcoming the adversity past generations have caused, and, therefore, creating a harmonious world. “My Sixth Dimensional Existence” is certainly the most unique song on the EP. The entire song embodies a horror aesthetic; there is a creepy piano sound in the background, and her vocals purposefully echo.

Kora sings about her “sixth-dimensional existence” as being the reasons for her differences and embraces this part of herself. Kora’s final song “Glass Eyes” brought attention to negative and toxic aspects of life. She circled back to the theme from “2:03Am” of flying as a metaphor to express freedom. The combination of light piano, a background chorus, and Kora’s spoken lyrics, gives the song eerie and mysterious connotations. With her new EP “My Sixth Dimensional Existence” Kora will surely wow her audiences with a glimpse of the musical poetry inside her brain.

Listen to “My Sixth Dimensional Existence” here.



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