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l.i.lll.i Punches Our Speakers With an Anthemic Single, "E.N.E.M.Y."

The empowering pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer l.i.lll.i douses us in a fiery sonic atmosphere with help from her latest dynamic single, "E.N.E.M.Y."

The young singer-songwriter was always drawn to create music and connect with fellow musicians/songwriters after feeling a sense of magic and empowerment in the studio. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy student later relocated to her farm in East-Central Portugal, which induced all sorts of introspection that propelled her to look inwards and led her towards personal growth.

Gearing up for the release of her 6-track EP, 'E.N.E.M.Y.,' l.i.lll.i recently dropped the project's lead single and title track. The single, "E.N.E.M.Y.," examines our close relationships and allows us to question whether our heroes are who they truly say they are. The single sends us into a heated atmosphere through each scorching sonic and the song's overall dark-pop feel.

Familiarizing ourselves with the single, "E.N.E.M.Y.," the venture opens with the heaviest of basslines that pour over our speakers alongside a soft and intricate drum arrangement and l.i.lll.i's haunting vocal appearance. As she begins expanding on a sour relationship and hoping for someone to treat her better eventually, she leads us towards the hook while making many realizations of how she ended up wasting her time.

The song's hook is incredibly powerful, as it brings us into the scorching sonics of electro-pop through an exhilarating bass-like synth and more punchy synth melodies that get us up and moving. We admire how l.i.lll.i placed such a relatable lyrical topic into a song that induces all sorts of dance moves, especially as she maintains her energy and poise throughout the entire haunting listening experience.

Get your groove on with l.i.lll.i's recent single, "E.N.E.M.Y.," available on all digital streaming platforms, and keep an eye out for her forthcoming 6-track EP, 'E.N.E.M.Y,' later this year.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, l.i.lll.i, we're incredibly impressed with the haunting and engaging listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "E.N.E.M.Y." What inspired the creation of this powerhouse hit?

I feel like one of my goals for the past months was to experiment with different genres and create, just create, without thinking of an end goal. I would make new things with no expectations and I was guided by the feeling that was rooted in each song. For me, E.N.E.M.Y was based on the illusion we create upon our enemies, which might be masked heroes; this could be our thoughts, people, or things that are blocking our happiness. Dancing our enemies away should be the answer.

Did you create the exhilarating sonics and production for "E.N.E.M.Y.?" Why did you choose to bring such a stimulating dark/electro-pop atmosphere?

I started producing from scratch, experimenting with sounds and styles when I had spare time from college. These past months, singing and producing became sort of a hobby for me, when the pandemic forced me to stay at home, and creating was always a moment of my day where I could connect to my inner world. I would gather different sounds from a closing microwave to birds chirping in the morning, to vocal samples I found different that I would record on my phone. So, I decided I would gather more tools and experience from an extra music production course, I would attend after college classes. I send a submission with an original song which got me accepted into the course and despite its conflicting schedule, the short course being a new passion that raised my confidence to produce more originals. I ended up with a collection of experiments on various styles and I just kept creating. I loved the whole process from writing the melodies to mixing and learning different ways to combine the different sounds I kept. As I wrote E.N.E.M.Y, I was very moved by the power the song could give at each moment. Every part of the song had a detailed intention guided by the feeling I wanted to share. A feeling of release and empowerment I deeply wanted to share with the world.

What do you hope your audience feels or takes away from your single, "E.N.E.M.Y.?" What sort of listening experience did you want to offer?

I want people to feel empowered and ready to move on from all the negativity in their lives. It's a very energized hymn to all the people who want to let go of all that no longer serves their soul's purpose or to all who simply want to celebrate their power and the doors that open once they realize its full potential.

How does the single, "E.N.E.M.Y.," prepare listeners for your forthcoming 6-track EP, 'E.N.E.M.Y.?' What sort of themes or concepts should we expect to hear?

E.N.E.M.Y is part of my album as its "darkest" track. The Album is based on the different temporary perceptions we experience in our lives and the joys and disappointments that come with it. Life is a vision of constant movement, but a feeling that can be kept and observed from a place of love, never fear. Universal Visions is a mix of different memories and perspectives that brought me lessons about life I want to share with the world.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

Storytelling and transporting people into other perspectives through creative expression was always something I wanted to keep doing in my life. There is magic I believe we can achieve by letting our fear go and focusing on love. And love can come from different places, but I think when you are doing something based on the root, which for me, is creating and expressing myself, I can share this feeling with people. I also think music is a very powerful tool, as you can tap into your inner world and gather feelings you're sharing through sounds. I want to be able to inspire people through the exploration of different sounds and allow them to connect with these, on different levels.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I'm releasing a 2 track album that will lean towards a more alternative, indie genre, before "Universal Visions" is out (which will be a mix of various musical styles). The small EP "Ethereal" will be released very soon.



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