Lesley Roy's Single Will Have You Feeling Like "Gold"

From Dublin Ireland, singer/songwriter Lesley Roy releases a pop summer anthem titled "Gold." After reaching the top 40 charts in the US in 2008 with her hit "Unbeautiful" co-written with Max Martin, Lesley has seen many fortunate experiences come her way. Not to mention a heartfelt Coachella performance with Deorro, performing their single "Tell Me Lies (feat. Lesley Roy)". Present-day, Lesley Roy has released a refreshing summer single titled "Gold." Moving from her usual pop/rock style into a more synth-driven electronic sound, "Gold" features Lesley Roy's vast soprano vocals and a progressive house/pop beat that brings us back to festival season.

Starting with an array of layered piano melodies and a clean-cut beat drop into Lesley Roy's lively vocals, "Gold" brings a warm atmosphere from the very first beat. What's interesting about this song is that there aren't any dull or stagnant moments, the electronic production continuously provides something new to the track. Lesley Roy's vocals are so bright and inviting as she sings about mending someone's broken heart with "Gold." Indeed an energetic and lively song that's sure to get you up and moving, Lesley Roy has done it again and wowed us with her pure-hearted emotions and fresh approach to writing.

Hey Lesley Roy, welcome to BuzzMusic! We love the energy off of your recent single "Gold." What drove you to create this energetic electronic sound, rather than your usual pop/rock approach?

Having toplined for multiple other recording artists over the past 10 years I’ve really enjoyed exploring different styles of tracks, production, and vocal approach. Firstly I wanted to attempt something different in this track to show another side of who I am as an artist and how I like to express my vocals. Secondly the concept/lyrics for the song I felt needed more of a “ broken-hearted/pleading” tone which helped convey the message, so this in turn translated into the more soft, synth, style of what Gold sounds like today.

Speaking on the production for Lesley Roy's single "Gold," the song is incredibly dynamic and brings a very bright vibe. Did you collaborate with any producers for this single, and what was that creative process like?

Yes, I wrote this with producers Alberto Beeck and Ricky Mears. I had been sitting on this concept of using Kintsugi and “Gold “ as a metaphor for fixing a broken relationship for a while, I was waiting until a track jumped out at me. Alberto and Ricky had a track already basically finished when I came to the studio, when they played it for me I wrote the full topline in about 20mins, it was just one of those days that clicked. I had a photograph I found online of a piece of art by TJ Volonis of a repaired kintsugi heart that was very inspirational and showed it to Alberto, he loved it also. After which we ended up contacting the artist to obtain the copyright to use for the single artwork. It was all very magical how all the little pieces finally came together, those are my favorite songs to work on.

Lesley Roy has collaborated with many notable artists and producers like; Max Martin, Katy Perry, Deorro, and Adam Lambert, to name a few. What's it like working with recognized artists, and what have you taken away from these experiences?

When I signed with Jive Records and moved to Stockholm to begin work on my album Unbeautiful with Max I was at first a little nervous to try and create with such a master and hero of mine. Once we got started though and I get in a flow of daily writing it just becomes second nature. I've been so fortunate to be in the room with some of the best pop songwriters of our time and have had the highest caliber of writing education that you could possibly obtain.

We've heard that Lesley Roy splits her time writing new material in Dublin, New York, Nashville, and Stockholm. How does traveling help your songwriting process? What's next for you?

I think travel and life experience is a lot of a foundation that helps any artist create. It opens our eyes to worlds/relationships and experiences that we would not necessarily find living within a small bubble. Obviously the traveling side of things is very different right now to due COVID and I don’t mind staying stationary until the world gets back on its feet. But when it does what's next for me is beginning writing in Nashville then Stockholm. I will be working on what I hope to be the Eurovision entry for Ireland for 2021 then after that, we will see!!!