Mark Your Calendars For Tewy's Forthcoming Single, "2aDays"

Bay Area-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Tewy announces the release of his bright and beaming forthcoming single, "2aDays," dropping this Friday.

A conventional path into the music industry was the opposite of what Tewy experienced, as he went from a college football star straight into his blossoming singer-songwriter career. He quickly grasped musical concepts, used his determination and resilience from the field, and placed them into his current and modern creations.

Bringing in the good vibes is Tewy's forthcoming single, "2aDays." After a private listen, we were taken aback by Tewy's passionate and charismatic performance alongside his modern and warm-hearted alternative sonics/instrumentals. We can't help but feel that this single will make waves across the independent music scene, as Tewy's authentic and intriguing sound will leave listeners nothing but sonically and lyrically satisfied.

Don't miss out on Tewy's forthcoming single, "2aDays," coming to your digital streaming platform this Friday.