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Marxoxo Has Us All Feeling, “Euphoric”

Marxoxo is an independent artist who has been taking over the hyper-pop scene. She has conveyed her emotions in her new track “Euphoria,” expressing her fun lyrics and upbeat tone and feelings of euphoria overall.

Marxoxo’s writing style pulls inspiration from personal drama, dreams, and diaries, she is a combination of the hyper pop of Charli XCX and the innocence of Britney Spears. She is independent, so has no label as of yet, and seems to be flourishing. She is a sought-after fixture in LGTBQ, hyper pop, and alternative scenes, has been featured on indie blogs, TIDAL’s editorial We Are Everywhere playlist, Grindr's New Music Friday playlist, Charli XCX's "Charli" live tour, and recently performed at Sacramento Pride!

In 2020, Mar was writing “Euphoria” with her producer OHEY, while listening on constant repeat to “Flowers” by Sweet Female Attitude, taking inspiration from it and quotes, “I loved how carefree it was and how the arrangement brought the vocals to soaring highs, so I carried that spirit with me going into it.” To give an overview of what she feels “Euphoria” is about, Mar quotes, “Pride Month is coming to a close but pride is year-round! As a trans girl living in cisnormative patriarchy, living with pride and her head held high every day is a necessity. “I want everyone to feel and fuel that energy within themselves, then nurture and celebrate it in each other. It'd be a shame to let the love run dry come July.”

The atmosphere of this track is fun and contagious, having that euphoric sentiment emanating from beginning to end. A very fun and edgy song, with the hyper pop beat to back it up. Lyrics with deep meaning to Marxoxo, she really wanted to fuse and capture the meaning of Euphoria in her music. We'd say she slayed it.

This is a fun listen, definitely gives those Euphoric vibes, and this is easy on the ears and could definitely be a nightlife track played on repeat in certain clubs all around the world. It has her raw emotions captured in the lyrics, standing for her cause and displaying her vocal ability over upbeat tracks on this latest hit.

Unleash the “Euphoria” in your life and give Marxoxo’s newest track a listen. Support her and listen to this song available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Marxoxo, and congratulations on your latest release, "Euphoria." What was your goal with the song's overall atmosphere?

Thank you! If you look up what the word euphoria means, it means a feeling of overwhelming joy and elation, which can come from lots of different things like love, sex, drugs, family, etc. So it was really important to me to capture that light, fluffy joy and excitement in the song's vibe. How does "Euphoria" contrast with your previous releases? How does this song stand out in terms of lyricism, sound, and concepts? "Euphoria" is really different from my other songs cause it's the first that's really full-on anthemic dance-pop! A lot of my other music is more like "pop&b," while this is proudly pop. Thematically, "Euphoria" and the rest of the songs off my upcoming project ID: I am about self-love, empowerment, and assurance. You can literally hear it in my voice, too, cause I've strengthened and pushed my vocals beyond my last project Fantasy V Reality, which was all about the sides of romanticizing a toxic relationship. What was your songwriting process like for "Euphoria?" Was this a challenging process, or did your words flow with ease? Writing Euphoria was definitely a challenge cause it was both the first and the last song I wrote for my new project. I had the melodies, hooks, everything but the lyrics down because I honestly had a hard time being honest with myself! After re-writing and recording 'Euphoria,' it clicked, and it was a breeze like the final piece in a puzzle. Did you create "Euphoria" in hopes that listeners could find something they relate with? What did you want your audience to experience?

Absolutely! Euphoria means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so I really wanted to capture its magic in music so others can experience what it feels like to me. Personally, I wrote it about gender euphoria, so I hope that any dolls and gaybies that hear it feel celebrated and loved listening to it.


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