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Maurice James Let’s Us Know That “Angels Exist”

Based out of Chicago, IL, singer-songwriter Maurice James spent much of his childhood in a church sanctuary with nothing but his inner voice and a baby grand to keep him company. Son of a Baptist pastor on the West Side of Chicago, his unique and soulful sound was birthed.

Debuting in 2020 with a piano-driven EP, this is where Maurice James introduced his genre-bending style to the world. Following up this inimitable panache with an expressive single titled "Angels Exist," this 2021 release showcases his ample musical techniques and his longing to present the depth of his emotion.

Painting our minds with the simplistic glory that hails from piano chords trickling into our thoughts, it's safe to say that the classic approach to "Angels Exist" has us wrapped up in an offering of our own emotions.

The wide vocal range that comes from Maurice James is a seamless combination of delicate and prevailing. Listening to each word in the composition, the majestic timbres prance throughout our headspace in such a luxurious fashion. With utter ease, "Angels Exist" is a record that embraces the beauty that lies within love. Something that leaves such an impact on us.

We've all experienced it in some form or another, and the way that Maurice James allows us to connect with that deeper version of ourselves is a form of art in itself. Each word performed has a significant amount of passion that immerses our attention in focus directed on him. Written as a love letter to his longtime girlfriend, "Angels Exist" has us lathered in minimalism and the grand gesture that comes from serenading the one you adore.

Believing that music has the power to unite in times of discordance and to heal in times of struggle, Maurice James is the lyrical gem that aims to harness that power in each sonic moment he opulently crafts.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Maurice James, and congratulations on the release of "Angels Exist." This song truly pulled at our heartstrings as we took it in. Was there a specific moment in your relationship that prompted you to write this open love letter to your longtime girlfriend?

Thank you for having me! When I started writing this song, my girlfriend and I had just celebrated our fourth anniversary. At that time, I was experiencing several strong emotions such as gratitude and wonder, but most of all, love. In reflecting on my relationship with her, it hit me that I've been fortunate enough to love someone who loves me back truly. Out of that realization came the words that became "Angels Exist."

What was her reaction when hearing this piece? How did you get her ready for the beauty that lies within this song?

That's always a hilarious question to me! Mainly because my girlfriend and I spend A LOT of time together. So, while I was in the process of writing and creating this song, she was in the room 99% of the time. That's not to say that she isn't as amazed by it as others, but it's always interesting to think about. She is honestly one of my biggest supporters, so every step of the way throughout my creative process, she was extremely encouraging and was able to fall in love with it before anyone else did.

You utilize minimalism in this particular piece as the focus remains on your lyrics. Does this tend to be the approach that you usually take when crafting your music?

I do value the lyrics that I write very much. So, it is very important to me that the music not overpower or drown out the words. I like for the instrumentation and lyrics to complement each other. I've also always been intrigued by creatives who consistently utilize minimalism to create powerful and meaningful pieces. So, that's definitely something that I strive for in some of the music that I create.

Compared to your 2020 EP, what are some similarities and differences that you endured during the creative and release process for "Angels Exist?"

"Rare View," my 2020 EP, was my debut release, so there was a great deal of internal excitement to finally put something out into the world and introduce my sound. So, yes, I took my time writing and going through different drafts, but I was so overwhelmingly anxious that I didn't put as much energy into strategizing the release as I wanted. This time around with "Angels Exist," I did spend a lot of time doing rewrites and making sure the finished product was what I wanted, but I also made sure to spend energy buckling down and thinking through my release strategy. And I have to say. I'm VERY grateful that I did so.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have received throughout your music career to date?

Create what YOU want to create. At the end of the day, whatever comes out of your mind is a unique creation that only you can come up with. So, don't be afraid to unapologetically share it with the world.



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