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Men Without Hats Return With a Reimagined Version of Their 1981 Hit

The Canadian new wave electro-pop pioneers Men Without Hats highlight their reimagined version of their 1981 smash hit, "Safety Dance," more recently retitling the updated version, "No Friends of Mine."

Men Without Hats took the 80s by storm, touring across North/South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Jamaica, Australia, and many more. Continuing their momentum with new tunes that crossover between 80s electro-pop and modern pop, Men Without Hats are eager to introduce their recent 5-track EP, 'Again (Part 1),' for listeners to reacquaint themselves with their classic sound.

Their forthcoming EP features four covers of Lou Reed, Mott The Hoople, The Tragically Hip, and The Rolling Stones. The fifth track on the EP offers a new and improved version of their iconic hit, "Safety Dance," entitled "No Friends of Mine."

Diving into "No Friends of Mine," the song opens with a shimmering synth that slowly makes its way into the foreground. As a warm and bright piano melody begins to sonically serenade us alongside a floating woodwind instrument, Ivan Doroschuk makes his classic vocal appearance while reciting the lyrics for the iconic tune. As he continues serenading us with this Billy Idol meets Billy Joel delivery and approach, we can't help but feel this accompanying emotion pour through his performance, stirring up a few nostalgic elements along the way.

As Men Without Hats continue raining their vocals and instrumentals down from above, they shift into this pulsating electro-pop atmosphere that leaves us feeling all the more refreshed and stimulated. Not to mention the addition of warm vocal harmonies, this reimagination of their hit single, "Safety Dance," is something we didn't know we needed.

Catch the new and improved sounds of Men Without Hats and their recent EP 'Again (Part 1)' on all digital streaming platforms.

A very warm welcome to BuzzMusic Men Without Hats. We're more than excited to have you here for an interview regarding your reimagined version of "The Safety Dance" entitled "No Friends of Mine." What inspired your group to recreate this smash hit and add it to the tracklist of your EP 'Again (Part 1)?'

We’re quickly approaching the 40th anniversary of Safety Dance, so re-inventing the song in a modern way felt like a suitable way to celebrate the milestone.

What sort of listening experience did you want to offer your audience with "No Friends of Mine?" Why did you choose to take a more organic and soulful approach this time around?

I wanted this rendition to be a follow-up of the story behind the music video for Safety Dance. Forty years later, I go back to the village of West Kington to visit the Jester and the crazy blonde chick, and No Friends Of Mine is the soundtrack. When people listen, I hope they are comforted by the nostalgia it brings. I also love that young listeners may be hearing this song for the very first time!

Why did you choose to cover acts like Lou Reed, Mott The Hoople, The Tragically Hip, and The Rolling Stones within your EP, 'Again (Part 1)?'

We had a lot of covers in the works that we eventually narrowed down to create this EP. At the end of the day, this collection of songs is a great representation of our favorites and our biggest influences. I have been a huge fan of Lou Reed ever since Transformer. I saw him perform in the ‘80s when I was honeymooning with my first wife in Rome and to this day it remains one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Seeing that 'Again (Part 1)' is a part 1, what should we expect to hear within part 2? Do you plan on releasing more covers similar to Part I?

I’m excited to share more news about Part 2 very soon. It will include original songs, some of which were written decades ago and never saw the recording studio. It will be a real treat. Stay tuned!



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