Michelle Daly Takes Us Under Her Wing With Her Sultry Release, "In My Dreams"

The Berlin-based Irish Artist and Singer/Songwriter Michelle Daly strikes up a heated fantasy with her sweet and emotional single, "In My Dreams." Daly has performed sold-out dates at The Ellington, Berlin (Jazz Radio Berlin) and the National Concert Hall Dublin, while also performing as a soloist at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and Deutsche Oper Berlin. From Soul, Jazz, and Opera, Michelle Daly dives deep within her music for listeners to feel something inside.

Her latest sultry single, "In My Dreams," is the second release off of Michelle Daly's debut album. The song takes listeners on a nostalgic ride through Soul's prime with help from the ambient instrumentals and Michelle Daly's honey-toned vocals. While serving fantasy on a platter through her in-depth lyricism, Daly has genuinely wowed us with this passionate release.

"In My Dreams" opens with a soft trumpet and droning electric guitar. As the slow and sultry beat comes in with a plucky cello and warm keys, the atmosphere begins to drip with flavor and texture through each gripping sonic aspect. Once Michelle Daly makes her vocal appearance, there's truly no going back, as her haunting and melodic vocals take our breath away while singing of the hold someone has over her.

The soulful instrumentation perfectly compliments Michelle Daly's desirous lyricism, as the track is drenched with lust and hunger. We can feel a certain ache through Michelle Daly's trail-blazing vocals, as she offers the bittersweet taste of fantasy and wanting to make her dreams a reality with someone she deeply desires.

Ending the song off with a Jazz-infused outro through sizzling snares and droning electric guitars, we absolutely adore each heated aspect of Michelle Daly's stimulating single "In My Dreams," as we're left wanting more of the honey-toned artist herself.

We're deeply enamored by the sultry stylings you offer on your single, "In My Dreams." What inspired you to release such a desirous and soulful single like this?

The song is about the idealization of a person. The realization that we have created a fantasy version of the object of our affection. However much you try and forget about them and the small moments you had together they still haunt you, especially in your dreams. But you created the fantasy so have the power to kill it. The ending of the video explains this!

We noticed that you had quite some help when creating the instrumentals for your piece "In My Dreams." How long was this song in the making, seeing as it's been in the hands of many Producers/session musicians?

I wrote this song quite a few years back while I was based in London and my previous collaborator, guitarist Michael Parle (who co-wrote my debut EP melodramas) helped me with the arrangement. I was inspired by old jazz standards and also the vocal-led trip-hop tracks of the 90s and '00s. I was excited to finally record the track and always imagine having a solo horn play the hook melody in the track's introduction. My producer Charis Karantzas suggested we ask the bassist Paul Santner, who also plays the flugelhorn to play it. I had many talented musicians working on the track. My current co-writer, film composer Michael Edwards (Morcheeba, Game of Thrones soundtrack) on Wurlitzer as well as drummer Andi Haberl.

Speaking on the instrumental creative process within "In My Dreams," how did you and your fellow creators go about making the sonic atmosphere so soulful and desirous? What did the recording/creative process look like?

We recorded the track live at Jazzanova studios, Berlin. I prefer to record my lead vocals this way. I think the atmosphere of people playing together achieves the most spontaneous and exciting performances. I then recorded the backing vocals separately and my producer who is also a talented guitarist added the “Bond” style guitar aesthetic. He then added the final touches to the track to give it the extra polish and create the soundtrack-style feel.

Seeing as "In My Dreams" is the second single off of your upcoming debut album, should we expect similar tones and sonic/lyrical approaches with the album? When is the project set to drop?

The rest of the album is similar in that the material is the most retro soul, rhythm & blues-inspired but the lyrical themes are not always about love and relationships. It draws on themes such as feminism, self-worth, fate, and self-compassion. Heartbreak comes in many forms. Not just from love but the unfulfillment of long term life dreams and aspirations. It was supposed to be released in Spring 2020 with launch gigs in both Dublin and Berlin but due to obvious reasons, it was sadly canceled. I cannot wait to perform live again and I hope to release it next Spring alongside a launch gig and promo-tour. I will release some teaser singles in the meantime.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Oh, it's definitely been a challenging year but I've managed to keep myself sane staying in touch with friends and family, listening to podcasts and creative projects. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was frozen in fear like most people and found the pressure to be “creative” very overwhelming. I have always been clueless about music technology but I taught myself how to use some programs and record vocals at home. One project was a remote recording of the Massive Attack classic 'Unfinished Sympathy' that was created with the help of Irish producer Sean Corcoran and violinist/composer Héloïse Lefebvre. I am planning to release this soon and record some more covers so stay tuned!