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Morning Trips Stands Up For What They Believe In, In Their Latest Single "Assault"

Together for four years now, the American-based four-piece band known as Morning Trips have an expansive sound that has been described as ‘influenced by a gumbo of dream pop, shoegaze, R&B, and 80s music,’ by the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Morning Trips aim to be for all collections of people as they morph through soundscapes with their diverse approach to creating. Dunking into the founding punk-era nostalgia and saccharine synth mixed in for good measure, the blend of comforting yet pulsating feelings ripple and resonate further with each riff.

As we take our attention to the eccentric offering of their latest single, “Assault,” Morning Trips unveils this genre-bending composition with utter confidence. The effortless blend of sustaining guitar riffs, colossal percussion, infectious rhythm designated through the bassline, and of course the smoldering timbres gleaming words that require action, the buoyant quintessence of “Assault,” has Morning Trips gunning for the top.

Through a thriving approach that tears through the spectrum of any cookie-cutter sound, the impetuous and unapologetic essence of this compelling track is one that is destined to stay on your mind long after the song comes to a halt. Addressing a narrative that is apparent now more than ever, the band takes their pent-up frustration and unleashes it in a high octane performance that delivers the weighty subject matter of how quickly unjust policies discriminate against everyday people.

Propelling through your speakers with a mission of not only showcasing the vitality that runs through Morning Trips artistic agility, but the importance of fortifying a vibrant structure in the resonance conveyed, this record takes its focus to their blatant expressions when it comes down to getting their feeling into the microphone. If you’re ready to leave it all on the table, Morning Trips is the hard-hitting band for you.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Morning Trips, and congratulations on the release of “Assault.” We love how you put forth such an important message through this musical offering. When it comes down to addressing topics like these in your music, do you find it fairly easy to get onto paper, or is the creative process a bit more difficult for you?

Hello. Good to be back. We have the mentality that while expressing yourself, honesty is the easiest thing to do - and having such an honest, carefully deciphered framework to what we believe and who we are bodes well for the music. The topic of police brutality and injustices within our economic and prison systems is really easy for us to digest and produce because we have seen these injustices with our own eyes in broad daylight. We are always talking about how we can push ourselves as individuals, our communities, and really the world forward in a progressive and pragmatic way.

Could you please shine a light on the four members of Morning Trips, and how you all diligently work together to provide us with the sound we know and love?

Thanks for the kind words - well the band is Logan Clinkingbeard on the Bass and Keys, Noah Townsend on Percussion, James Amos on the Guitar, and I - Brady Lynch the singer who also sometimes plays guitar. We have a pretty unique way to how our band works - I have my fingerprints on every part of the process from engineering, writing, and producing - largely producing a lot of our material in my bedroom. Logan is really good at taking the spirit of these demos and adding a lot of the rawer and organic influences to the band and does a huge amount of engineering for us. Amos is always good for a sick lick or two to add to my sparse ambient arrangements, and compliments the guitar parts I do add very well cause we understand our styles. Noah has the expertise on how the drums need to be performed and produced on our music, while tastefully adding his subtle organic touches. A lot of the productions we sign off on together, but sometimes I will get the song in a spot once all the final tracking is done and having bandmates who are sometimes a little less involved on every single step of the production, but largely familiar with the material helps for fresh ears when we are constantly working on something.

How does “Assault,” compare to your previous single release of ‘My Parade’? What are some differences you’ve found in the creative process that sets these two apart from one another?

Assault has always been up our sleeve, it was one of the first songs the four of us played in a room together - My Parade we learned a lot more about ourselves in the "studio setting" environments, rather than jamming in a room. They don’t feel too much apart from what we have been trying to accomplish. I feel like My Parade will be for people who need a nice relaxing moment in their day or want to enjoy a long walk on the beach. Assault is for people who want to let out their rage in a healthy way, and I feel both songs are for people who like to dance in their room alone. We definitely really started to trust our instincts tenfold while producing Assault and I think it really paid off for us and taught us a lot about where we can take our sound.

What is your mission statement as a band?

Our band is made up of a very diverse looking group of people and when you breakdown our personalities we are even more diverse and I think that reflects in the music we make - why we have songs like “Assault” and “My Parade” or “Follow the Blind” - Growing up in 2010s and being a part of the 2020s is a diverse experience - everything is at our fingertips and a soundtrack for these times isn’t going to sound like one or even two themes. It’s impossible, and it’s impossible to build deeply influential and impactful coalitions and create better conditions for the societies of tomorrow without embracing compassion and diversity. We are making music that people of all walks of life can find solace in.


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