Music Video: Pilar Vega Is Steaming Up Contemporary R&B With "La Boca"

"La Boca" sounds a life away from the more contemporary pop and quiet R&B of recent years, batting for a more universal dominance over the simplistic R'n'B title she covertly loathes. Here, she is once again supported with frequent collaborator and Co-Producer Tatum Rush, as the two synergistically bend the rocksteady vibe to their will.

"La Boca" is a pulsing cross-cultural interchange that makes use of Pilar Vega's sensual Caribbean flare, with an injection of the substance. Pilar delivers like she's at home and radiates heat, both in video and in harmonic form. With a home video reminiscent theme, the catalog of shots of Pilar in and around Ticino cascade as the camera slowly zooms and cuts in on the focal star of this track vibing out. It's a charming and cohesive support for "La Boca," as the tropical feeling notions hint throughout the video and the sound's bumping feel.

A hook that commands attention quickly emerges between the strings of a clean electric guitar, floating over a meticulously well taken care of low end, evoking a steady sway as Pilar sings with an enamoring vocal filter and timbre. As the bridge merges into a warping filter effect —as if to transport us back into the deeps of this tune— another killer chorus warps back in for another round.

The beat bottoms out with a kick that bites, and as the shots of Pilar blur in and out of focus, the textures and even modifications of scenery keep this music video fresh, as its endless valley of groove remains inescapable. Both Pilar Vega and Tatum Rush have come together to engineer a genre-bending sensuous banger before. Still, the accompanying visualizing is necessary this summer, as it's sure to cool off some unwelcome tension. And as this song lets go of its steady embrace on our ears, "La Boca" proves to remain a classic for many moons to come, as this duo once again shows they've mastered their craft.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Pilar Vega! We're thrilled to be experiencing this song and its visuals for the first time. How did you endeavor to establish the tropical feeling tone of this new single? Did it come naturally to you, or was there some influence from a less immediate source?

Thank you for inviting me. I would say my Caribbean's roots and the possibility to work with such an inspiring talent, the benefit to the song. 

What do you like most about co-producing with Tatum Rush? What is typically in writing/producing session between you two, is at all laughs and gags, or serious business?

Besides the fact that he’s extremely creative and inspiring, I like that everything we do comes naturally. I would say there’s a more serious first step where I work by myself. He usually sends me these incredible beats and I then vibe with them till I find a melody. After it’s just about the inspiration I get from my personal experiences that helps me write the text of almost every song. The fun part comes when we actually meet for the recordings: it’s about laughs, jamming, drinking, try out new things...oh and recording of course.

What strikes so well in this video is how natural you seem to express yourself on camera, even as candid as some of these shots are. Where do you find the empowerment to express yourself so naturally and vulnerable? 

I honestly don’t know. Maybe it feels authentic cause during the shots I am really living the parts I play? I guess I’ve always tried to interpret my roles by imagining myself in those actual situations. So for me being pissed at a guy and waiting impatiently for him to show up, wasn’t that difficult to play cause you had happened a few times in my life too.

It's been a pleasure having you here with us at Buzz Music! Can you tell us what's in store for you this year? Are you planning on releasing or collaborating with anyone new?

This year is gonna be full of surprises. I’m really excited to show you everything we did till now. I have so many new songs coming in collaboration with Tatum Rush and with different artists. From a more electronic to a laid back R&B sound and too much more. What they all have in common is an unmistakable dreamy mood.