New Music: “Rise From The Grave” By Joel Christian

By: Edwund F. - February 12, 2020

Joel Christian’s execution of his unique genre of music will leave you breathless. Joel Christian combines the haunting elements of dark pop with the exciting components of electric rock to cultivate a rare electrifying fusion of rhythm and melodies. Joel Christian released his new single “Rise From The Grave” which represents his eccentric artistry in the purest form. “Rise From The Grave” instantly begins with a smashing introduction that was melodramatic and intriguing. His musicality is presented through his suspenseful arrangements that are thrilling and climatic.

“Rise From The Grave” has a pop-fused melody that bounces off the attractive rhythm of the production, creating ecstatic energy that elevates you like an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. Joel Christian is a cinematic artist who displays different magnitudes to “Rise From The Grave” that we can’t help but become enticed by. “Rise From The Grave” is an enigmatic hit that portrays Joel Christian’s horror aesthetic which generates a feeling of fun and mystery. Joel Christian wrote this song as a fight to overcome his battle with anxiety. He takes his influences from unique legends like David Bowie and Marilyn Manson to create his own identity of pop music.

Listen to “Rise From The Grave” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Joel Christian! In what ways do you plan on redefining the genre of Pop music?

I want pop music to feel dark and mysterious,  but also edgy and fun at the same time. I love creating music that people find oddly intriguing but also can't define it.

Tell us about your song “Rise From The Grave”. Considering you wrote this song from a vulnerable state, what’s the message you hope your listeners gain from this song?

I'm obsessed with horror films and I had this vision of myself being chased by my anxiety. I was letting my emotional anxious state of mind control me to the point of feeling empty and deathly. "Rise from the Grave" is a song about not letting something kill you, but rising from it and being yourself.

In what ways did you take from your influences to generate your own sound in “Rise From The Grave”?

I was very inspired by synth wave music during the '80s and the whole aesthetic of it being chaotic but also extremely fun and aggressive. I wanted this song to be a story so I started with an intro that was almost like a scene from some of my favorite horror movies and then bursts into music that some of my favorite artists have inspired me to make! I basically created an electronic horror pop song ha!

What would you consider the biggest challenge in “Rise From The Grave” and in what ways were you able to overcome the obstacle?

The biggest challenge was probably making sure the melodies, vocals, and music all lined up perfectly. There are parts of the song where it needs to hit your heart and make you anxious, but then there are parts of the song that should make you feel liberated. I needed every single lyric to match with the music to give the emotion of anxiety and the battles you have with it.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I want to continue driving myself in the direction of my music. I am obsessed with pop culture and making cool pop songs that are different and unique. I will be working on more music obviously, releasing a music video and constantly working to release my EP. I want to shake things up, make music that makes you question what it is or how it'll sound. I think that's the beauty of pop music, it can be whatever you want it to be.