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Nikky T Tempts Listeners with Captivating Vocalism in New Song "On My Way"

Ever since the young age of three, R&B/Pop artist Nikky T has known that the music world was most definitely for her. Nikky T always felt music was a connecting source of passion for her, and she took that inner power source and ran with it! Today, Nikky T's profession lies where her inert passion is: studying at The Los Angeles Recording School, where she's able to develop her art experimentally, personal stories, as well as her gained wisdom.

Nikky T is taking listeners on a lustrous journey with "On My Way." Immediately listeners are brought into a smooth atmosphere with the songs deep, low-key energy. Soon enough, Nikky T's vocals insert themselves, and we instantly reminisce back to mid-00's R&B/Pop music scene. Nikky T has a flavourful approach to her vocal execution, playing around with various tones in order to assert an alluring and sultry persona. "On My Way" walks through the thoughts associated with lust and possibly love, perfectly blending into the soundscape of the track. In the end, "On My Way" felt desirous, and Nikky T proves to be a harmonious songstress and have pure character throughout her songs.

So wonderful to have you with us Nikky T. On My Way" features incredibly charming and enticing energy from you. How did you go about crafting this sultry persona so potently present within the song?

Thank you so much! I am truly so happy that people are enjoying my craft. One of my producers, David Hensley, sent over this beat and my soul and mind went crazy for it. As a songwriter, within the first two minutes of listening, I had already created the melody, and the hook for it; I just knew I had to have them beat. I was truly inspired by the beat in itself, as well as I felt like the song took me to a whole other world, universe, or space in my mind, which led me to how I came up with the music video (I will bring that up later.) This song gave me new energy, different from any of my other songs because it had that upbeat energy, but I was also able to tie in my personal, emotional, and sultry lyrics. I wrote and recorded this song at home on my laptop during quarantine, so I have learned that there are no boundaries or limits put on us artists, we will do whatever we can in order to create and feed our emotions.   

What kind of emotions are you hoping listeners go through whilst listening to "On My Way"? Would you say that there's always a certain kind of mental state you hope to put your listeners in while listening to your music?

When I make my music I intend for listeners to interpret their feelings and emotions based on my delivery and/or my lyrics. I hope that my lyrics, voice, and/or emotion can bring a meaningful impact on my audience. With that being said, I believe each person’s experience and perspective will differentiate how they interpret the song, I like to leave it open for each listener to break down the song in their own organic way. I will say though, that to me, this song makes me feel like I’m in a love trance in another world or galaxy. The song was written about two lovers who always find their way back to each other no matter the circumstances, or no matter what the outside world may believe. I really used this imagery in the music video for “On My Way,” so stay tuned and you will see. 

Now studying at The Los Angeles Recording School, what kind of knowledge do you feel you've gained so far that aided in the manifestation of "On My Way"?

Going to school for music has been an extreme blessing for a multitude of reasons. The first being is that I get to go to school for my passion for music, which is something I eat, live, and breathe for. Music is on my mind 24/7 so the fact that I get the opportunity to learn, grow, and better myself in my career field is amazing. The second reason I love going to a music school is resources. When I started school I was supplied with all the materials I needed to record with, which has been a life-changer for me. During this pandemic, I have constantly created at home, which has been such a great way to teach myself how to use Logic, Ableton & Pro Tools, etc. With each new song, I learn more ways to record, ways to use my voice, and different songwriting techniques. Lastly, another reason I enjoy my school so much is that the teachers are so helpful, as well as they too are also heavily in the industry. They not only teach us, but they can give insider experience on the do’s and dont’s of the industry and they will help your career flourish because of the knowledge they share with us. I truly have taken in every opportunity The Los Angeles Film School has to give, and I am grateful for the experience. 

What would you say is your long-term goal music-wise? Do you ever feel that your personal goals are often similar to those of your music goals? 

Since music is always running through my mind, whether it be my next marketing strategy, my next studio time, my next lyric, or my next featured artist, I would say that my goals go hand in hand. My biggest goal in my personal life is to grow, and I also find that is my biggest goal as an artist as well. I recently just turned 21 so I believe that I still have so much more to learn as a person and artist. I always want to strive to be the best version of myself not only for me but for all the other people who I would hope to look up to me as a role model. My biggest hope for people listening to my music, or even reading this, is that you go for your dreams and you push as hard as you can to obtain them; no one or nothing can stop you. 

What advice do you have your fans that are finding it hard to stay inspired throughout these difficult times? Thank you for talking with us today!

I like to see the light in each person, place, or situation, so I think that the best way to stay positive and inspired is to count your blessings, be thankful for what you do have in life, whether it be love, family, friends, happiness, a passion, etc. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, so during this quarantine, I hope my fans take away with them one fortunate thing they learned about themselves, or about something in the world. Always remember that what you put out into the universe is what you will receive; try to spread kindness, love, and peace, thanks for reading.



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