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Nurse Creates Blatantly Unpredictable Chaos

From Mexico to Los Angeles, California, dark EDM artist Nurse is on the rise.

Nurse has created an entirely unique and mysterious sound within the world of electronic music. As an artist Nurse wants to share with their audience that “it’s never too late to do what you love. If you have confidence and conviction in what you do, you can do anything.”

Their latest release “Danger Us” will have the hairs on your arm standing up with fright. The musical versatility of this electronic soundscape would fit well in a vibrant hallucinogenic experience. Nurse has carefully engineered a track that is guaranteed to have you on high alert, with its random beats, pounding, clicking, and pulsing. In “Danger Us” Nurse creates blatantly unpredictable chaos. 

When asked about the inspired behind the track in a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Nurse said that when starting this track they were frustrated and under a time crunch. They decided to write a song about being “dangerous” meaning “being a badass, being completely unstoppable, and not allowing anything or anyone to get in your way.” 

We know that there won’t be anything getting in the way of Nurse’s dreams! They have the determination and ambition for success in the music industry. 

Be on the lookout for their next creative project.

Discover more about Nurse here.




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