Odum Abekah is the Passion in Pop

Bringing us some passion from Fredricton, New Brunswick, Odum Abekah is a singer and songwriter who will have fans feeling enlightened through the ameliorating atmospheres created from each of his songs.

The Canadian multi-instrumentalist has recently released the dance-pop single “Tell Me Something,” which features an uplifting message. During his songwriting process, Odum Abekah draws inspiration from his own learning experiences, allowing his fans to feel a deeper connection by validating feelings that people tend to keep to themselves.

In addition to his writing poetics and creativity, Odum Abekah can project the exact electronic soundscapes he imagines by personally composing and programming most of his songs.

As a lover of every genre of music, he occasionally teams up with producer Nick Katz which further increases the diversity of his sounds. OdumAbekah has been spending this past year working and experimenting with his music.

With hopes to prioritize his intentions when it comes to making new tracks, he plans to release his music more consistently over the next six months.

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