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Perfect Average Immerses Us in Heavy-Hitting Nostalgia with 'A Chance to Take'

Perfect Average is an active pop-punk band from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Officially formed in 2017, this trio is comprised of frontman, Rinz Ares (vocals/guitar), Nichole Lecera (bassist), and Andrei Garcia (drums).

Taking in the amplified energy that springs from their six-track EP, 'A Chance to Take,' we begin the journey with a passion-fueled anthem kicking the tempo of this project into high gear. “Never Ends,” progresses through your speakers with a sustaining blend of rhythm sure to have you tapping your fingers and toes. The dimensions of the musical elements at hand lead you into the peaks and valleys of this song’s narrative that delves into lyrical motifs such as, ‘Whatever trouble may assail, I will stand in your promise ‘cause it never fails.’ Bolstering themes of strength through the fast tempos and post-grunge ambiance, we’re hooked on what Perfect Average is bringing to the table.

Playing into the melancholic sound of opulent guitar chords and colossal drum patterns, the additional sense of urgency transported in “Sweet Angel,” has us feeling this song more than we hear it. We admire the agility in which Rinz Ares’ vocal performance manages to sit on top of this mix, while still remaining fully blended into the production. Creating a sense of pressing undertones through the impact of each musical component, we find that the songwriting foundation hones in on a story forming structure as the estranged love that once was whole, has us grasping the emotion shed of “Sweet Angel.”

It’s hard not to resist the resonated bassline courtesy of Nichole Lecera, as you get pulled into the infectious grooves of “Wish You’ll Be Mine.” There’s a vibrant escape laced into words such as, ‘Here I am tonight thinkin' of you. For all those craziest moments that we've been through.’ Following suit of the previous e, the way that Perfect Average ties the themes together is brilliant in how the soundscape is vastly different with the rapid chord transitions, and altered melodies. Through powerful verses and a mesmerizing hook that infiltrates our mind, we reach the halfway point of 'A Chance to Take,' with our expectations already being surpassed.

Fourth on the tracklist, the prevailing vigor displayed in “Moving On,” sends us into overdrive. There’s a remarkable force field that showcases the band's ability to lavishly present the push and pull intensity weaved into the arrangements. I think what we love the most about “Moving On,” has to be the nostalgia that enticingly grabs a hold of our headspace and transports us back to the early 2000s. Perfect Average proves to us that they’re capable of remaining completely original with their modern, yet classic take on each song they convey; especially in a project format.

“For You,” emphasizes the use of chugging guitar riffs and Andrei Garcia’s tightly executed drum patterns. Just when we thought that Perfect Average already gave us the cherry on top, the phenomenal utilization of distorted textures happens to bring out a side of their musicality that embraces the heavier side of Pop-Punk. Pairing that with heartfelt lyrics drenched in charismatic tenors, we get this fortified spirit hailing from “For You,” in a way that has us obsessed with the power chord transitions. As we come close to the end of 'A Chance to Take,' we’re thrilled to hear the various sides of Perfect Average that we get to engage with.

The final song, which also moonlights as the title track on this EP has us accepting the dark undercurrents that roar through 'A Chance to Take.' We’re charged up by the victorious quintessence that reigns supreme in the slower-paced power ballad that leads us to the final moments of this body of work. The verses are spiked with the compelling timbres of Rinz Ares, as the minimalistic approach to the musical foundation has the harmonies illuminated at full blast. ‘Cause I believe the outcome sets apart from the things that only us can stand to prove out,’ are just some of the words that leave us with our thoughts fully provoked, and looking to grasp hold of the deeper meaning etched into the six songs provided. Allowing listeners to take what they will from the various messaging, and endless styling conveyed, Perfect Average has us reaching to put 'A Chance to Take,' on loop.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Perfect Average. Through this entire project, we end up fixating on various elements throughout each song. We love that feeling you provide us with! In your own words, what is the concept of ‘A Chance to Take?’ What does it mean to you?

‘A Chance To Take’ is a soul reminder that even under pressure and in doubt, God is always with us. It’s a reminder that every day there is always a chance or opportunity that we can take to live, hope, and aspire. It’s a song that encourages every listener to continue dreaming for the desires sets in one’s heart. It’s also a perfect example of someone taking a chance to rise high even in a situation that requires great effort.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing ‘A Chance to Take,’ together?

Combining every thought and feeling to make the song A Chance to Take into existence is not just mere writing and singing it along with composed rhythms. It comes along with experiencing to fail and succeed in life concerning music events. It’s not just a song that exists to produce but it’s more of a reflection of how I live my life with the passion for music that I believe God has given me. It’s like showing how I live the life I have right now through creating a song such as ‘A Chance to Take.’

Gearing up to release your 2021 album, which is soon to arrive on all streaming platforms, what are some similarities and differences you found throughout the creative process?

‘The Restart’ will be the 3rd EP. The album we’re now working out this whole year, In regard to the whole context of the project, is most likely a prequel of the 1st EP concept of 'A Chance To Take,' which more on focusing on a spiritual awakening aspect of an individual, and It could be a religious opinion, a factual narrative based on a sequence happenings around us, and it could be a downfall or an optimistic side of the story. As I presumed accordingly to my personal musical perception of how to understand the idea of the song, It is a vague argument when it comes to understanding its meaning ‘cause music itself is a representation of individuals interpretation. I might say the song was about suicide but I can’t change the fact that there will be another opinion based on a person’s lenses of interpretation. The restart project is for everyone who finds meaning in life and its purpose.

Out of the six songs offered to us, do each of you happen to have one track that resonates with you more than the others?

All of the songs I have are close to my heart as all of them were written and created whole-heartedly, however, there’s always one song that resonates with me the most and it’s the Never Ends song. It’s my first produced song and whenever it’s played, it reminds me of the first time I started to dream big and hopes big knowing that God is with me. The song is like God’s assurance or a divine contract from when I started to write songs and play music to an unending passion.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the body of work?

I aim to inspire the audience to live a positive life through my songs. Most of the songs I have are like the highlights of my life. It talks about my personal relationship with God, my mother, special someone, and my love of music, It’s about a spiritual journey through music. We might have differences, especially in music taste and preferences, I just hope you guys will listen to it and live your own story with us.


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