Policy Has Us Anticipating His Forthcoming Album, 'THE ABBY ROSE'

There's no doubt about it, Policy has his fan base itching for the release of his highly-anticipated ten-track sophomore album, 'THE ABBY ROSE.' On the heels of the award-winning debut masterpiece, "Echo Chambers," the multifaceted talents of Policy are widely expressed in the forthcoming collection of songs.

Dabbling in various genres, Policy ensures that there's something for everyone as we get to see Policy experiment in the realms of Pop, EDM, Alt Hip-Hop, and Electro-Pop music as he's accompanied by the talented essence of collaborators across the world. Set to hit streaming platforms on May 24th, 2022, listeners will get to peek into the window of Policy's soul and witness the musical bliss that's "THE ABBY ROSE."

With a full team of masterminds to bring this piece the attention it deserves, we zone into the album's lead single, "Lost," which features the artistic virtuoso of Airinna Namara. Already getting a taste of what's in store, we can safely say that all who tune in are in for quite the sonic treat.