Pop Just Got Better With the Addition of Christopher Griffiths Track “Without the Beat”

Out of Nashville, Tennessee. Songwriter and musician Christopher Griffiths releases an intoxicating track "Without the Beat," off his debut EP "Midlife Pop Crisis." What was originally a way to pass the time during quarantine, Christopher Griffiths challenged himself to create four vibrant tracks written and recorded solely by himself. Taking a deeper listen to the intro track "Without the Beat," Christopher Griffiths takes a groovy approach to modern pop through mesmerizing bass lines, heavy synths, and a whole-hearted atmosphere. Singing passionate lyrics of finding someone who truly cares for you and healing from unfortunate past experiences, Christopher Griffiths brings a fresh vibe like no other.

The opening "Without the Beat" is an intoxicating use of synths that drop into an incredibly modern and melodic pop beat. Moving into the verse, Christopher Griffiths' soft and filtered vocals bring in a blasé pop attitude, yet perfectly contradicting it with heartfelt lyricism. Christopher Griffiths sings about finding someone who treats you the way you deserve, with lyrics like "What good is a heart without the beat?". Emphasizing that if someone won't love you properly, is there any point at all? Not to mention the impeccable instrumental arrangements from electric guitar, groundbreaking drum kicks, a fierce bassline, and incredible electronic production elements. Giving us something to remember upon these lonesome nights, Christopher Griffiths' "Without the Beat" serves all the love we're looking for.

Discover "Without the Beat" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Christopher Griffiths! We’re loving each and every aspect of your recent hit “Without the Beat”. Why did you choose this energy-filled track as the introduction to your debut 4-track EP “Midlife Pop Crisis?"

“Without the beat” just has a natural heartbeat to it. So I thought for an intro into what this EP sounds like, it would be natural for people cause they live with that beat every day. And it’s really catchy. I had been walking around with that hook stuck i