Prepare for Goosebumps With the Sound of Miella Sartori in “To Whom It May Concern”

Miella Sartori does it all! As an Audio Engineer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist, Drummer, Miella has successfully crafted her sound with an extreme level of musicianship and of course talent. If you’re wanting to know the general sounding of Miella Sartori, we can describe it as melodic, sensual, creamy and rich in texture. She has the kind of voice that can intimately connect with listeners on a multitude of levels, and this is the exact aspect of Miella’s sounding that attracts us so intensely. One of Miella Sartori’s most recent pieces of work has gained the highly commended award at the 2020 Queensland Awards in Australia. Miella Sartori is rising to the top, and all we can do is watch.

Miella Sartori’s latest single, titled “To Whom It May Concern” begins off with a sultry and smooth tune that’s pretty much held consistent throughout the entire length of the song. There’s a jazz feel to her music, and “To Whom It May Concern” flourishes with its smooth jazz integration, honing in on prominent bluesy instrumental combinations. The flow and quality of Miella Sartori’s voice mesh incredibly well with the overall production of the song, and we’re exposed to some of the best features Miella’s voice has to offer. Varying from her strong rasp and confidence within her vocals, along with the absolute power in her vocal mannerisms. There’s always that sense of confidence that you can find in many songs that have a heavy use of jazz stylings, as well as a level of allurement. We extract this from the artistic persona and sound of Miella, as her voice is ultimately silky, delicate and luscious within each musical offering, and we feel completely soothed by “To Whom It May Concern”. For future music offered by Miella Sartori—we’re compelled and excited.

Listen to “To Whom It May Concern” by Miella Sartori, here.