Regulus Red Debuts Hazy Single "Ghoster"

International artist Regulus Red is breaking through the music industry to showcase his prominent cultural variations. Having influences ranging from Lorde, Lady Gaga and Robyn, Regulus Red does a great job at integrating many features from each influence, but with a serious twist. His music is meant to be powerful and spirited, filled with a sense of life. On a real note, Regulus Red can also synthesize some crazy synth combinations, which makes his music stand out so prominently for us. One release the music scene has already seen from Regulus Red, "Ghoster", showcases this distinctive atmosphere he's notorious for creating within his songs.

Refining his skills over the past two years, Regulus Red has crafted what seems to be an authentic style full of domination. There's a trippy element to Regulus Red's song "Ghoster", which features deep integration of booming synths. There is undoubtedly a strategic integration of ad-libs in the song, which attributes to that almost atmospheric-like feel. "Ghoster" gives a healthy dose of melodies that will make you feel mesmerized. We found that it's easy to become distracted by the deep vibrations of the track, which almost makes you miss out on the intended message of the track. Nevertheless, once you get into the intricacies of the lyricism, you're in for a treat. All in all, "Ghoster" keeps up their mystic and thought-provoking environment, making for an eccentric performance. 

You can listen to "Ghoster" by Regulus Red here.

Welcome, Regulus Red! Let's start by talking about your anticipated single, "Ghoster". Where did you find the drive to create a single with such expressive and vibrant rhythms? Do you typically hone in on a certain ambiance you're intending to create for your listeners?

Thank you for having me! So I wrote the song 'Ghoster' in a moment when I was ghosted myself. It was a Saturday night and I and my date had the whole evening planned out which obviously didn't happen in the end. But Ghoster did instead which I am actually more happy about! I see myself as "The Son of The Synth" for whom electronics and live instruments meet to create a new musical dimension.

When going through both the writing and recording process of "Ghoster", were there ever any points where you felt you were being challenged artistically?

Yes, I've worked with a few producers now and Sam (who produced Ghoster) had a very open way about him, yet he was incredibly fast, faster than I had ever worked before and I was coming from a very different process. With Sam, it felt like winning the 'Olympics of Music Recording'. At first, I was a bit scared of not catching up but then I saw I could do it at that pace and the result was fantastic!

We love the message you hold on remaining completely true to who you pride yourself to be as an artist. Do you intend to use your music as a platform for many of the messages you desire to share with listeners, or do you see it more as an expressive front, strictly for entertainment purposes?

I believe music, like theatre and film and poetry and any art form really, can be both. Music should be enjoyable and reachable to as many people as you want but if there is no message, no meaning behind the words and melodies, then I personally wouldn't be keen! I really want to make the world a safer and brighter place and music is my instrument.

Thanks for chatting with us, Regulus Red! Do you hope to remain consistent with your sound in the next releases to come, or can readers expect you to shake up your style?

I'd say I will get pretty consistent this year (electro-pop at its best) though I am also very experimental in the studio so, stay tuned.