Saph Brings New Meaning to Inclusivity With Her Latest Single “Flowers, And Ferns, And Trees”

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, singer/songwriter Saph returns with another unique and reflective track titled Flowers, And Ferns, And Trees. While conjuring up her musical talent to create a 6 track EP for a late 2020 release, she’s also currently working alongside High Line Management to aid in the creative and releasing process. Her latest rocky-blues single “Flowers, And Ferns, And Trees” captures an intriguing take on the topic of Polyamory and Saph’s journey of discovery upon her own sexuality and interests. While incorporating hi-fi electric guitar, Saph’s vocals layout versatile lyrics that perfectly round out the exciting track.

As “Flowers, And Ferns, And Trees” begins, the track exudes authenticity with a unique yet subtle drum pattern underneath contemplative electric guitar riffs. Not to mention the enticing soft synths that create a celestial and sensual atmosphere. The track's instrumentation takes dynamic turns throughout, making it that much more exhilarating. Once Saph’s vibrant vocals appear, we’re met with her finely-tuned metaphors and well-thought-out lyrics.

Saph quoted “Lyrically, 'Flowers, And Ferns, And Trees' uses the metaphor of a garden for a polyamorous relationship, asking the subject of the song to “take a walk through my garden” and find a plot for yourself.”. This is exactly what the invigorating single does, it plants a seed in your mind and allows you to take grasp insight on topics you may not be familiar with. However, Saph’s musical execution makes “Flowers, And Ferns, And Trees” all the more inviting, and lets us expand our knowledge effectively.

Stream "Flowers, And Ferns, And Trees” here.