See Through the Eyes of Hologram With, "Heart Killer"

With symphonic technicality and a fabulous rendition, experience the innovative products from our featured artist Hologram. What's been culminated in this piece is far from ordinary and a piece that erupts a mindful distribution of skill and passion. It's without saying that ingenious and passionate aim was the sole focus of this piece.

With a feel-good vibration and an infectious melody, "Heart Killer" is sure to have audiences entrenched in exhilaration. The timely keyboard and opportune vocals create a euphoric mood enhanced by astonishing synchronization. Relative to Hologram's other projects, this song protrudes a declaration of uniqueness not often felt in your everyday music.

With energetic aptitude and fervent originality, we can't wait to hear more of the multifaceted talent that Hologram so eagerly presents. A true and raw talent, expect a more inventive virtuoso from Hologram as he continues to shatter barriers and set new limits amongst the artistic landscape of music.

With underlying and unquestionable curiosity, we look forward to the next chapter in Hologram's book of creativity.

Congratulations on the release of, "Heart Killer." Can you tell us a bit about the process of creating this song?

This is a song that I started writing ages ago with my ex, but never finished. Then when I moved to LA, I stumbled upon it again and completely transformed the instrumentation. After that, the words just came. Finding the two vocalists who performed the song came soon after. It was a long and difficult process finding the right vocalists to fit with what I heard in my head. How has your past love and knowledge of music influenced how you create music today?

My love for the music of almost every genre, especially older styles (jazz, soul, funk, blues, hip-hop, rock, RnB), is reflected in the influences you hear in my work. Even though my music is primarily electronic, I always weave in some of the old with the new, attempting to make new combinations that still sound timeless. What is the meaning behind "Heart Killer?"

The song is about the duality of a musician's life. Do we sacrifice everything for a vision, or sacrifice our desires for others. Every day most struggling musicians are faced with making this choice, and it's never easy. How do you want your music to express your identity?

I want my music to express my identity by being an expression of the most intense, crystalline, pure form of my emotions. Through transforming these emotions into songs and purging them, hopefully, listeners who identify with them may feel a sense of catharsis, a release, and find peace. Music is the answer.

What's next for Hologram?

Up next is a new EP I'm finishing titled 'What Have We Become,' which is about the painful ending of a relationship I went through while finishing this album.