Sharmond is a Piller of Strength and Vulnerability With Latest Release "Hold on Me"

Auras of synthesized notes fly around you as you press play on Sharmond's new single "Hold on Me."

Born and raised in Louisiana, Sharmond is an eclectic singer-songwriter with a few surprises up his sleeve. Sharmond infuses his heart and soul into his music, unafraid to put his vulnerability center stage preforming as a proud, Black male pop/ RnB artist, while simultaneously tackling the toxic masculinity and societal standards set for men today.

"Hold on Me" is a story about standing on your own two feet after suffering a cataclysmic loss of love. Sharmond wears his heart on his sleeve throughout "Hold on Me" and provides a harrowing perspective of a male's journey through heartbreak.

The chorus is pumped full of grinding 808 beats, as Sharmond elevates himself above the harmonic melancholy verses. "Hold on Me" exposes the intense and unhealthy coping mechanisms some turn to when a person they love goes away, but throughout the pain and agony, Sharmond rises above through his lyrics and shares a story of recovery and redemption.

The warm notes of sound and infectious sultry beats combined with Sharmond's soulful voice create a soothing and energized effect on the listener. Sharmond's way of exploring emotional standards throughout his music is profound and resonating,  "Hold on Me" truly embodies these qualities, you don't want to miss this one.

Hello Sharmond and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on your latest release "Hold on Me." What was the musical journey like for you on this song?

Thank you so much for having me, it’s so great to be talking with you all. First off, I want to say how much I love BuzzMusic, and how I truly appreciate everything you all do for independent artists, like myself. You all are incredible. My musical journey with this song actually started when I moved to Los Angeles. I left my home state of Louisiana to pursue a career in the music industry. In the process, I left a lot behind. Many of my relationships had to be put on hold or left behind because of this move. This led me to write the song, which is about dealing with the pain of leaving behind a relationship and trying to move on from it.

You are very vocal about tearing down gender stereotypes and allowing your music to explore emotional subject matter that many male artists do not. Why do you feel its important to tackle these double standards? 

It’s important to me because growing up I didn’t have a prominent male role model to tell me that it’s okay to be different. I felt that I constantly had to conform to what society expected of me. You grow up not feeling 100% yourself because you’ve been forced to play this role that isn’t necessarily who you are, but who people want you to be. It’s draining and I wouldn’t want anyone to grow up like that. So I put it upon myself to constantly show that it’s okay for men to cry, and be vulnerable, without having their masculinity questioned. 

"Hold on Me" really has a dark and stormy aura about it, but at the same time, your voice and lyrics make the sunshine through the clouds. What feelings do you want to impart on your listeners through your music?

Thank you, and what I want most is for my listeners to just feel their emotions in its totality. I’m a Pisces so I’m naturally just an emotional person, but I want everyone listening to this song to just feel whatever emotions they are going through at that moment, and LET IT OUT. Cry if you need to, scream if you have to, but let it out and know that you can get through it because that is what the song is about, overcoming pain and heartbreak. 

Where has your music evolved from where you started?

I feel that my music has evolved into being something dark and personal. One reason I’m glad that this is my first single is that it sets the tone for who I am as an artist. I’m an emotional guy, and I work hard every day to unapologetically express that to the world to show other men that it’s okay to be emotional and talk about feelings. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

What has kept me most inspired is actually what’s been going on in our world recently. The stand we are taking as a black community against police brutality is truly inspiring. The Black Lives Matter movement shows that we are capable of forcing a change in a society that has been systematically built against us for many years and if my brother and sisters that look just like me can wake up every day and continue to be resilient in their efforts to create change, then I can too.