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Shawn Xavien Drowns Us in Instrumental Pieces That Speak Into Any Given Mood

The multifaceted Shawn Xavien is an artist, producer, creator, and founder of Senih Circle Music. In a career spanning over a decade, his extensive background in the music industry consists of numerous production credits and several critically acclaimed albums.

The Newport News, Virginia raised, 2021 AACCS Award Honoree has become known for his entrepreneurship, expanding into the world of podcast media and internet radio while building on his musical legacy.

His most recent creation comes in the form of an 11-track album titled 'Don't Worry I'll Wait 2.' Returning with his eclectic vault of sonic ventures, the mainly instrumental project showcases several years' worth of ideas unveiled into one phenomenal album.

Fixating upon the essence of storytelling, the instrumental factor allows each song to be up to the listener's interpretation which will navigate them towards meanings of their own. Taking the introductory single, "Open Doors," into consideration, the forward messaging that features Mr. Wallace has the power of music and interpretation on display as we get to sway to the rhythmic grooves that Shawn Xavien has etched into place. Accompanying the vocal until it fades out, this song, along with "Where It Started," follow a similar formula. This leaves them the only representation of wording we get to experience throughout this album.

"Kings" leads us into a royal feeling rich in the instrumentation carefully picked out for this record. The electric use of synths and pads has us jolted into a hierarchy that is dominated by the way that is cast out. The clever use of repetition instills a more profound sense of consistency as the progress elements make it, so we're rounded out by low, mid, and high-ranging frequencies.

Delving into a unique flair that is filled with mind-altering samples, we pick up on the eccentric rhythm that depicts the mind of Shawn Xavien exclusively. Choppy yet syncopated, the enthusiasm that hails from this track has us proudly curiously exploring this resonance style. Much like "Flowers," the sci-fi-like bop that runs rampant in our mind, the out-of-this-world layers of these tracks leave us in a textured dimension drenched in interpretive illusions.

Bringing back an old-school flair, "What We Talkin' Bout" and "Shadows" carry forth enough charisma to last us a lifetime. You could easily hear this song as the soundtrack to your life or a beat that any emcee could destroy on the spot. A lyrical jolt of a good old-fashioned pen to paper wording crafting out a story to remember. Honing in on a very New York panache, the mid-tempo frenzy has us swimming in a whirlwind of nostalgia. Two unique offerings that live on the spectrum of Hip-hop, we get waves of euphoria that continue to drown us in imagery that's vivacious with its impact.

If optimism could be a song, you would find "The Motions" sitting there at full blast. Adding a pep to our step, the timely percussion patterns immerse us in a buoyant atmosphere filled with joyful hues. The sustaining synth chords make for an almost ethereal feel as we continue to feel an array of emotions that touch on familiar feelings. Aware of the thought-provoking energy that's encapsulated in this specific song, we admire the transition through states of ourselves that we didn't realize could be triggered so easily.

As much as we feel the happiness penetrate the speakers in the previous track, we also get filled with a melancholy tune that signifies time and its constructs. "Journey Too Soon" opens with golden horn notes professing the lethargic tenors felt when one goes too soon but breaks into colossal drum patterns wreaking havoc on this concept and what comes with it. Leading us into the mesmerizing essence of the mechanical drum hits heard on "End Of The Road," Shawn Xavien openly takes us through these storylines without saying a peep. Trusting that his messaging will be lived out in the minds of each person tuning in, the contrast that sits between two songs as such is rather remarkable.

All good things come to an end, and we get the liberating sense of conclusion coming right for us on the album's final piece, "Sounds Different Here." Just when we thought the only wording served up would be in the form of interlude-styled records, we get this rap-forward single that embodies Hip-hop's origin. Heavily leaning into the roots, there's just enough familiarity to give us the deeper connection we need from this album. Shawn Xavien ensured to hit the myriad of emotions and themes right on the head as he conveyed "Don't Worry I'll Wait 2" in a way that spoke to us on an intricately deep level. Using minimalism and complexity when deemed appropriate, he is the master of reading rooms he isn't even in.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Shawn Xavien, and congratulations on the release of your recently released album “Don’t Worry I’ll Wait 2.” What moment or story inspired this intricately crafted album’s release?

This album came as a bit of a surprise and shock really. After nearly 6 years the laptop that the majority of these instrumentals were stored on actually booted up allowing me to access files that I believed to be lost. An archive of beats and unreleased music calling out to be heard I guess.

Now, a few of these songs have been in the works for the past several years. How was the process of picking and choosing what would effortlessly flow on this album?

The process was really a vibe, accompanied by a bottle of red wine and my Shure Aonic 50s. The beats were all created using headphones so I listened to roughly 100 or so, looking for what would give the best audible experience. The first beat, which was a jazz-style beat set the tone. I wanted a real intimate feel. One that would be unique to each individual listener. Also, shout out to my dear friend Mr. Wallace for the wonderful monologue to set up the album.

Do you have a particular track that resonates with you more than others on “Don’t Worry I’ll Wait 2?" What’s your reasoning behind this?

Track 10, “where it started” is that track. The monologue at the beginning was from an assignment that I did while attending Full Sail University. My father, the late Earnest Lee Davis Jr., really inspired me musically. His love of music and supporting my burgeoning passion for it at a young age gave me the confidence to create and imagine.

How does this album compare to the first release of this installment?

The first album was planned and had more technical energy to it. This album has a more unique flavor to it, like a fine wine that has been allowed to breathe.

What is the main message that you aim to send out to your audience through the music that you create?

The message is that it is okay to feel. It’s okay to be emotional. It’s ok to create to the left when everything is going right. Be your true authentic self.

What's next for you?

Next is the conclusion of my Finale album, side ii. From there I look to continue to grow my late-night radio show “Xactly” as well as expand the reach of the Hot Seed Podcast which I co-host and moderate alongside my best friends. My Senih Circle Music imprint is still very much active as well, which means I’ll still be producing for artists, tv, and film. So really, what’s next is whatever I decide to make next.


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