Shining The Spotlight On Kel Adore’s Latest Electric Release, “Happy Again”

Los Angeles-based pop artist, model, and singer-songwriter Kel Adore wishes to be "Happy Again," with someone special in a vibrant new single.

Her mission to uncover the truth and help people feel understood is more than what you'd find in the modern pop artist, and you can ensure your soul will be well-fed when gracing Adore's diverse tunes. Now, Kel Adore is inviting listeners on a journey through tender and intimate emotion with her latest single, "Happy Again," pouring every ounce of love and desire she has through our speakers and into our hearts. Hitting play on the new single, "Happy Again," the song opens with plucky electric strums and warm electronic drum breaks that emit a radiant feel alongside broad and expansive piano melodies. In this single, Kel Adore hits the nail on the head, perfectly portraying those troubling emotions regarding the depths of love and wishing someone would return.

In Kel Adore's latest interview with BuzzMusic, she mentions how happy she is that the emotion came through on this record as that was one of the main stresses during the creative process.

She says she feels like there are no boundaries when she's creating, she makes sure it's all-natural as it comes out that way, fluently. "Once we finished the lyrics and the melodies we dove into perfecting the track. The icing on the cake was the mandolin and 12-string guitar."

"Happy Again" bring the goosebumps, from the perfectly tailored lyrics to the layered production, this listening experience is not one to miss out on. Check out the full interview with the talented Kel Adore, here.