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Southern Cali’s Very Own Prada-G Has Us in Our Feels With His New Emotional Banger, “Distractions”

Prada-G brings the best out of his creative self and releases another emotional piece, "Distractions," made from the soul and heart of the talent. Based in Southern California, Prada-G exemplifies anti-establishment and/or rule books that barrier creative freedom. Instead, he creates as freely as his soul desires, maximizing his charismatic, infectious voice that resonates throughout each song bleeding various influences. Prada-G's garnered some notable recognition from his genre-blending 2021 project "Nocturnal," including guest appearances from BRYOZA, ericadoa, and LiL Lotus. Prada-G's lyrical ability is shown throughout this record, expressing his heart's deepest feelings over a very uptempo and excellent production, making it entertaining, blending genres and sounds.

"Distractions" opens up with Prada-G and his heartfelt vocals lighting the way for the record. He completely engulfs us with a wave of emotions, making us feel exactly how he felt, adding to the emotional experience. This record blows you away with its progressive and catchy instrumental/production supporting his heartfelt lyrics with ease, helping Prada-G beautifully bring his message across.

"Distractions" show Prada-G's vulnerability and openness with his art and craft, giving his music an extra topping for listeners to enjoy. When artists are vulnerable, they're honest, and that's all we want for and from artists to give us their all; many rely on artists like Prada-G to speak his mind because it may provide some comfort to those going through similar struggles.

Make sure to support the young talented and inspiring, Prada-G with his epic latest release, "Distractions," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Prada-G. We feel that emotion and strife you've put into your latest EP release, 'Digital Vampire,' along with the standout track “Distractions”. What inspired this vulnerable and heartfelt piece? Truthfully, I wouldn’t consider “Distractions” to be one of my most vulnerable lyrically. However, in a simple fashion, it’s sort of a momentary reflection of how I was feeling at that exact place and time. What was your songwriting process like for "Distractions?" Would you say it was somewhat cathartic, considering your performance is so passionate and eager? I actually didn’t write prior to recording. I was on a creative getaway somewhere in San Diego, and I just wanted to be as free as possible throughout my time. I did have a melody set in place, but once I hit record, I allowed every emotion I was feeling to determine what was said. So essentially, the entire song was freestyled. How does "Distractions" contrast your previous releases? How does this song stand out regarding lyricism, sound, and concepts? Well, I would say the EP as a whole is definitely an evolution from my previous project, “Nocturnal”. I’ve allowed certain aspects of my music to breathe, which has been a great introduction to where I’ll be headed musically and creatively moving forward. What does "Distractions" mean to you? What's the message you want people to take away from you? My message is fairly simple, life comes with many unpredictable moments that are out of your control. It’s okay not to blame yourself during those times and come to the realization that the world, not only yourself, falls to the distractions surrounding you as it’s only natural when you’re human.


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