Spotlight: Emily Cole Shines In Her Latest Single, "Ain't My Vibe"

The multi-instrumentalist Emily Cole is a feel-good Pop artist that brings a unique flair to the table. Combining acoustic elements with synthetic at her live shows makes for captivating performances that pull you and keep you in. With the soft flairs of dance music and then an incredibly wide variety of genres to take influence from, Emily Cole is an artist that is sure to have you dancing to every second of her music.

Especially with Emily Cole’s latest release, “Ain’t My Vibe,” it is hard to not get up and move to her eclectic songwriting. Being written in a single night, and then quickly forming into that piece of art that it is today, it’s easy to hear how organic Emily Cole is in her music and how it simply flows through her. With Emily Cole’s upcoming patio live shows, we can’t wait to hear what else will be coming from this exciting artist.