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Spotlight: Fortunate Losers Ethereal New Release, “Divine”

Fortunate Losers has once again proved there's more to their city than just metal on their newest track, "Divine." The Sudbury-born hard rock band hits hard with their newest release, "Divine," featuring fiery vocals ready to capture the hearts of all listeners. Preaching the resilience of the human spirit, the band frontman Devon Cox coupled with Brad Griffin on guitar, brings a razor-sharp soundscape tailed perfectly for you. "Divine" has thundering and mighty riffs and production and pairs the hard rock with lyrical depth. Fortunate Losers shape the chorus and verses with the will to overcome the darkness and emerge victorious, "Divine" is surely the anthem to spin in times of distress. The record's raw energy and ghostly vocals are melodic and introspective, leaving all listeners craving an encore. We've sat down for an interview with Fortunate Losers discussing "Divine" and asked about the experiences that fueled this record. "We would like to think that the emotion in the vocal comes from a long history of closed doors, no replies, and an overall disinterest that helps this track scream out emotionally." Fortunate Losers mentions that "Divine" derived from the band calling out to a higher power to lend a helping hand regarding the trials and challenges faced on the 'come-up.' They mentioned the hope they'd like their listeners to receive when taking this track in and never to lose the will or drive it takes mentally to achieve their wildest of dreams. Check out the complete article and interview with the well-versed Fortunate Losers and their latest release, "Divine," here.


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