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Spotlight: Luke Messimer's, "Loose"

Multi-genre artist Luke Messimer enjoys dabbling in the creation of contemporary and feel-good music. He's hands-down an artist that fuels strong affection throughout his songs, working to captivate and compel many varying listeners.

The latest offering that BuzzMusic saw from Luke Messimer includes the release of "Loose," which features an intriguing perspective on life. Taking only a mere 5 hours to write and record, "Loose" ventures through the realities of mental awareness, which inevitably conjures up a multitude of questions.

The song will most definitely provoke some deeper thought, as Luke Messimer interpreted the song to hold such depth. Luke Messimer has always struck us as the artist that thinks beyond the surface when it comes to constructing his narratives, and the only thing we have left to do is patiently await more of his introspective offerings.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article on Luke Messimer and his song "Loose," here.


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