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Spotlight: Multitalented Artist Mikey Wield’s Candid Lyricism

Like many great artists, Mikey was born and bred in the Canadian lakefront city of Toronto. The young artist showcases his brimming talent with each release as a singer, rapper, writer, and pianist. For the past six years, Mikey has been grinding to release new music as he collaborates with producer and engineer Mailman.

Mikey’s piano and rapping skills allow him to take a minimalistic approach during the creative process, which attracts the type of fan that appreciates the raw simplicity of instrumentation by creating a suave atmosphere.

When it comes to his songwriting process, Mikey draws from impactful past experiences that have shaped him to become the person he is today. He often uses his platform to spread awareness about the daily struggles that inner-city kids experience.

Mikey’s ultimate goal is to have the listener understand the emotion behind each of his stories, and transport themselves into his own shoes for a moment of self-reflection.

Discover more about Mikey, here.



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