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Spotlight: Put Your Head In The Clouds With Anne Omalley's Heartrending New Single

Proudly exuding a display of grippingly raw tenors in the heartfelt music she crafts, Annie Omalley's latest single, "Chasing Clouds," has us elevating to new heights. There's an endless supply of enthusiasm surfacing from the emerging artist as she welcomes listeners into her world with no sugar coating. Taking her pop style musicianship and allowing us to feel all the peaks and valleys present, Annie Omalley knows that the universe put her on this earth to make a change that is greater than herself.

"Chasing Clouds" has us relating to vulnerable experiences as she writes about the inner conflict of falling for someone with whom you know you shouldn't be with. Through a buttery soundscape that dips you headfirst into the pop soundscape present, it's hard not to latch onto the emotional motifs that Annie Omalley strategically puts in place for us to connect with on a deeper level.

Stay connected by tuning into Annie Omalley's full BuzzMusic interview here.

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