Spotlight: SUBURBS

After dipping their toes into various music genres and styles the artists behind Canadian band SUBURBS finally settled into a pop style filled with reflection and emotion. Their newest single “Don’t Fear” is filled with tender passion and ethereal instrumentation.

Opening with light vocal tones paired with softened piano melodies, SUBURBS will create chills within listeners as “Don’t Fear” reminds individuals not to fear the changes they must endure within their lives.

Although feelings of anxiousness and fear are common for many within our world right now SUBURBS explains that finding a deeper awareness of our inner feelings will help individuals cope and thrive each day.

This trio was able to examine their personal anxieties through their single with each pairing of emotional vocals and light, complimenting instrumentals while still managing to produce a single that has some feeling of bliss. “Don’t Fear” is a must-listen as SUBURBS gives listeners a taste of inspiration.

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