Sulk Up and Dance Out to Kersty Ryan’s “Cut You Loose"

Austin, TX, based Pop artist Kersty Ryan is a long time friend of ours who continues to gain tracking and build momentum within the industry.

Using her own unique writing style that heavily features her gritty, yet soothing tone, and then exciting rhythms, Kersty Ryan is back at it again with a dark new feeling. Taking in influences from modern icons that include Billie Eilish, Lennon Stella, and Julia Michaels, “Cut You Loose” is a tune that many of us will be able to relate to.

“Cut You Loose” is one of those tunes that you will want to listen to at the club, or while sulking at home. It has a moody atmosphere but also keeps an electrifying vibe that quickly gets us dancing around the room. Being about getting rid of someone that isn’t meant to be in your life, “Cut Your Loose” gets into our heads and makes us wonder who has got to go in order to keep our sanity.

“Cut You Loose” features a fun, bouncy bass that gets us grooving, a trappy modern drum groove that is full of vibe, a sparse rhythmic keyboard that is full of sass, and then, of course, Kersty’s silky gritty vocals that we cannot get enough of. Whether you’re listening at home or out, Kersty Ryan has a tune for you and we can’t wait to hear what will be coming next from her.

Hi, Kersty Ryan! We are loving the deep vibes you have going on in “Cut You Loose”! What was the whole production process like for coming up with this one? Are there any particular songs that inspired this?

This song was probably the hardest one to do production-wise on my EP. We spent a few days straight working on the production alone, figuring where the unique moments would sit and going back and forth on some of those decisions. The song has a lot of different elements going on, so it was hard to make all of those come together! We worked on it for so long we almost gave up on it lol. We didn't have an inspiration song for this track, it just came from me wanting a cool pop song with R&B elements! I absolutely love the end result and my producer totally killed it and was so patient with my crazy ideas for this one.  Being about getting rid of someone that wasn’t meant to be in your life, what does “Cut You Loose” mean to you and how do you personally relate to it?

I initially wrote this song about a friend who I realized wasn't good for me, but it kind of turned into a break-up song haha! It's about someone who only treats you like a backup plan, and only calls you when they need something. You have the realization that you're happier without them, even if you want the best for them! You deserve someone who will be there for you, just as much as you care for them.  Being based out of Austin, how do you feel you have grown inspired by the culture of the city? Are there any locations that fill you up with inspiration?

I love Austin. I think it's the best city ever. I grew up here, and I have seen it grow with the ever-changing music industry; I have met so many friends here in the Pop circle. It's so close-knit. A place that gets me inspired and focused is definitely Mozart's Coffee. I'm there all the time even when it's 100 degrees out, just because I can sit there by the lake and write something on my computer or get work done. I also love Zilker park of course, and there are so many cool coffee shops here that you can relax and write. So I frequent a lot of those!  Each of your releases seems to push the boundaries of what you are capable of as an artist, what types of musical directions do you see yourself going in for future releases?

I think after my first project is released, I want to make my next project have more R&B elements. I've always loved R&B and the freedom you can have when writing it. But, I'm not trying to put myself in any boxes for these next projects! I'm just excited to be making more music.  Do you have anything else planned for 2020?

Making more music! Working on the next album! Probably shooting a music video for one of the songs on the project (which I'm SUPER excited about) and savoring the last of this summer before it leaves me.