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The Best Songs You Need To Hear This Month

We're kicking off May with songs we have on repeat. 

From emerging to established artists shaping the music landscapes we know, check out our picks for the tracks you need to hear this spring. 

"Praise Jah In The Moonlight"

At long last, listeners got what they asked for. YG Marley paired up with hip-hop recording artist Rocko Ballin for their long-awaited hit, "Praise Jah In The Moonlight."

Opening with a familiar, stunning sample from Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Crisis," YG Marley makes his refreshing vocal appearance, raining down from the heavens with pristine, glorious vibes that praise the almighty JAH above. Read our full review here.

F.U.C.K - Diamond Blacc

Diamond Blacc releases a liberating new track titled "F.U.C.K.," which is an acronym for "Feeling Unbothered, Carefree, and Kinda."

Blending elements of hip-hop and R&B, the artist expresses a sense of empowerment and confidence in the face of negativity and adversity.

The track's catchy beat and energetic delivery mirror its message of self-assurance and resilience, making it a refreshing addition to the artist's repertoire.

Read our full review here.

"Hair On Fire" - Vestron Vulture

Picture this: a sweaty summer night pushing the speed limit down the highway. Windows down, volume up, and you're blasting "Hair On Fire" by Vestron Vulture.

The founding father of the Dethwave movement knows fire tracks like the back of his hand - and this one's no exception. It is the perfect blend of retro wave, synth wave, and a beat that brings you to your knees.

"The Best Thing" - Gina D'Soto

Let's add a splash of sunshine to your life.

This track might just be "The Best Thing" we've heard from an indie act this year, especially if you're looking for a high-spirited track from a spicy yet serene Cuban-born artist who's mastering the fusion of Jazz and Soul.

This song's production digs deep into Gina D'Soto's Cuban roots, blessing us with the grooviest melodies and beats that make us move our feet.

Read our full review here.

"Empty Hands" - noah.

Toronto-based singer-songwriter noah. released his single "Empty Hands" just a few months ago, but it's managed to stay near the top of our personal playlists.

His gentle vocals, broad range, and easy-going vibe make this song irresistible, not to mention the breezy alternative instrumentals that wrap the listener like a warm blanket. It's a personal yet toe-tapping groove that's pushing noah. further into the diverse Toronto music scene.

Read our full review here.

"The Glass" - H.E.R.

If you love the Foo Fighters and H.E.R., you've probably had this song on repeat, too. While the original song comes from the Foo Fighters' 11th album, But Here We Are, H.E.R.'s version was released just a few months later and still leaves chills down the spine.

The original song speaks to the passing of loved and renowned drummer Taylor Hawkins, making it all the more meaningful. But H.E.R.'s version adds a sense of serenity that anyone can appreciate.

"See Me" - Jaonere

If you're looking for pristine R&B vibes you'd only find from the stars, look again because Jaonere has the answer with his single,

"See Me." It's almost as if Frank Ocean traveled back to the early 2000s and collaborated with Destiny's Child, infusing this track with sultry vocal harmonies and his honest, emotional, yet poised lyrics.

Trust us when we say that Jaonere is undoubtedly an artist to watch in 2024. 

Read our full review here.

"God Complex" - Edith

For your daily dose of independent pop, we're thrilled to introduce you (if you haven't already heard) to Edith, a pop singer-songwriter making her mark on the music scene...FAST.

Already over 14k monthly listeners on Spotify, tracks like "God Complex" is putting Edith on the map with punchy pop tunes rooted in personal experience, created for your delight.

Read our full review here.

"Can't Tame Her" - Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson is entering her synthpop mermaid era, and we're here for it. She serves us up something pretty different from her average pop-focused sound in the exhilarating anthem, "Can't Tame Her."

It's an energy-packed, perfectly nostalgic yet modern dance-pop track with hints of 80s synthwave for a hint of culture. If the rest of her upcoming album, VENUS, sounds like this, we're in for a treat. 

"Skin and Bones" - David Kushner

If there's anything more heavenly and chilling than David Kushner's vocals, it's probably heaven. American singer-songwriter David Kushner bestows yet another moody soul-pop blessing to listeners with his recent single, "Skin and Bones."

It's an emotional, power-packed anthem for love, longing, and connection - food for the soul. The warm piano melodies and cinematic production make this song unmatched.

"Bobby Sox" - Green Day

Green Day's back with their 14th album, and my inner child is screaming. Why is the 15-track Saviors different from their last 13 albums? Regarding sound, it's still the Cali punk oomph we know and love.

But it's 20 YEARS after the American Idiot era, and that's something worth celebrating. "Bobby Sox" brings us back to the band's prime. It's a catchy headbanger with a solid bassline that keeps the toes tapping.

"Homesick" - Noah Kahan & Sam Fender

There's something about this track that speaks to the inner child. Not only that, but it revives it. Noah Kahan and Sam Fender paired up for their track, "Homesick," it's a powerful, compelling alternative anthem that makes us chant along.

There isn't a dull second of this song, and that's saying a lot. It's got the soul of Springsteen and the punch of Kings of Leon, and it's packed with twists and turns, all of which remind us that there's no place like home.

"Stay" - Grace Carey-Hill

Tired of life's trials and tribulations? So is Grace Carey-Hill, and her latest single, "Stay," is a testament to our resilience deep within. This song is a powerful reminder that we can weather any storm, even when the waters seem impossible to navigate. Carey-Hill's stunning vocals and the cinematic pop production pack a punch, leaving you to analyze what's no longer serving you or if it's worth it to "Stay" and fight. The choice is yours.

Read our full review here.


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