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The Star Prairie Project and Rudiger Leave Their Mark with, "Boom Town Sounds"

Stomping his way through our speakers via Star Prairie, Wisconsin, the one-man band The Star Prairie Project teams up with songwriter/producer Rudiger for their latest 10-track record, 'Rudiger's Revenge.'

The Star Prairie Project consists of the versatile stylings of singer-songwriter Nolen R. Chew Jr. on a mission to create original radio-ready songs. Always collaborating with various musicians to bring his songs to life, The Star Prairie Project often works with acts from LA to London that further accentuate and strengthen his songwriting.

Recently pairing up with singer-songwriter and producer Rudiger for their 10-track album, 'Rudiger's Revenge,' The Star Prairie Project introduces us to this dynamic album through its lead single, "Boom Town Sounds." The track itself is more than enthralling; it offers a dense and soulful listening experience that's quite literally music to our ears.

Diving into the ninth track on the album, "Boom Town Sounds," the track truly encapsulates the soul and passion that the entire record has to offer. The song opens with a heavy rhythm guitar, mid-tempo drum breaks, and Rudiger's deep and raspy vocals. We can't help but feel transported into America's dusty backroads with this country-esque hit, as it has us stomping our feet to each infectious beat.

We also adore the plucky banjo and sweet electric guitar melodies that amplify The Star Prairie Project and Rudiger's vocal duet on the hook, making for a refreshing and feel-good experience. As the two artists lead us towards the outro, we're left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to get our speakers rolling with those classic boomtown sounds.

Don't miss out on The Star Prairie Project's latest album, 'Rudiger's Revenge,' and stomp your feet to the record's lead single, "Boom Town Sounds." Find the album on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Star Prairie Project. What an exciting and soulful listening experience you've provided with your latest hit, "Boom Town Sounds." What inspired the creation of this powerful hit?

I was playing around with that opening riff and sometimes that's all I need to start shaping the song. It struck me as lively and upbeat in spirit. So I just went with it. Rudiger loved the song straight away and did such a great job singing and producing the song. We were both thinking "bango" from the very beginning. The lyrics came quickly once I decided I wanted to bring out that, "on top of the world feeling" especially since we were working on the song during the lockdown phase of the pandemic. That feeling had been pretty scarce lately so I was trying to bring out the ecstatic vibes.

How does "Boom Town Sounds" fit into the concept or theme of your album 'Rudiger's Revenge?' Do you feel that this single is a solid representation of what's portrayed in the entire album?

Well, I think the theme developed on its own subconsciously. It fits so well because it captures a state of mind. During the recording of our first album, 'Panacea' during the first months (lock-down) of the Covid pandemic, Rudiger and I were churning out these indie-folk and Americana songs. It wasn't an intentional theme we were trying to develop. It's just where we were at that particular phase of our songwriting and where we were in our heads at that point in time. We'd finish one and another one would pop out. I originally intended to release these songs as the second Star Prairie Project album but by that time we were already well on the way into what was to be the 'Surreal' album with Marcello Vieira and Ricardo Dikk. It was only later that I realized how congruent all the songs were. There's no deep meaning behind why we called the album, 'Rudiger's Revenge'. I came up with it because it sounded cool and we stuck with it.

What was it like creating a full-length album alongside singer-songwriter/producer Rudiger for 'Rudiger's Revenge?'

Actually, the entire album was produced remotely. We were never in a studio together at any point in the process. It's the marvel of technology that makes it possible. It was the perfect way to make music during the lockdown since nobody could gather anywhere anyway. I wrote the songs in my cabin in Wisconsin and made several track demo tapes on my Spire Studio and send the WAV file to Rudiger who would do the vocals, instrumentation, and production in LA. We were really on a roll and were creating radio-ready songs from scratch in about a week. Pretty amazing and a hell of a lot of fun! When I first started working with Rudiger he was doing vocal tracks for me and we would finish the songs at a friend's local studio. Once the pandemic hit Rudiger started doing full production in his studio and since the process just involved the two of us we had a streamlined process that allowed us the write and record the entire album between February and April of 2020.

What was your collaborative experience like?

It is always a thrill to work with Rudiger. What is amazing is how few times we get stuck or have to re-write or re-record. We seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to composing and producing music. The man has an incredible work ethic and is tireless in his pursuit of perfection. The longer we work together the deeper and more complex the music becomes. But at the same time, we can whip out a simple Americana ditty in a heartbeat. I really enjoy co-writing with Rudiger. He is awesome at filling in a gap or redirecting something I've started but want to expand or improve upon.

How does the album 'Rudiger's Revenge' help listeners get an idea of where you plan to take your music in the future? Do you plan to continue this soulful country-inspired sound with your future releases?

I think 'Rudiger's Revenge' may just be a little detour down into Laurel Valley. But we will undoubtedly return there from time to time. Maybe it's a little bit like The Eagle's 'Desperado' or Elton John's 'Tumbleweed Connection.' One can always hope anyway ha! They were two albums that hugely influenced me. The next album will be totally different. Marcello Vieira and Ricardo Dikk return along with the rock anthems and a few surprises. We've added two female artists to the team, Sandrine Orsini and Ivy Marie, and with them, we've added a little gospel rock and Indie Pop. We're really excited about it! The album is complete although the final title hasn't been decided yet.

What's next for you?

The Star Prairie Project just teamed up with 'Minds Behind The Music' (MBTM) where some of the world's biggest stars come together. From rock to pop they're all united for one cause - to save the planet. What’s it all about? All these stars and more are coming together in various ways to spread a message - to save the planet! To inspire through music. To get people thinking and doing. A call to action! MBTM will also be releasing a charity compilation album featuring both music stars and indies. This album has been worked on for months by all those involved and trust me, it is amazing! The Star Project has contributed their song, 'Why Can't We Get Along' to the album. What's more coming in 2022, the new Minds Behind the Music Record label. We recently learned The Star Prairie Project will be one of a few Indie acts chosen to launch the new label. We are extremely excited about this opportunity and already have a brand new 14 song album in the can, ready for the launch. So stand by for more new music from The Star Prairie Project right behind our current album 'Rudiger's Revenge.'


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