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There’s “Something In The Way” and Sines Can Tell Us What

Sines is back, and this time, he's here with a musical bang. As a Portland, Oregon artist, Sines is all about crafting music that is full of engaging elements. Whether that comes along with his glamorous visuals or affecting lyricism, Sines's musical products elicit an impacting effect. Presently, Sines is eager to communicate more with his listeners through his enigmatic approach to electronic music.

The latest release from Sines, titled "Something In The Way," is accompanied by a colorful music video, where passionate, close-up visuals take the stand and bring playful aspects to both the song and video. Sines' mixing is strong and fervorous; he shakes the melody up with a versatile collection of rhythms that one wouldn't initially expect to blend with such naturality. Nevertheless, with his fine-tuning, Sines' combination of sounds ends up being infectious and vibrant. The melody brings a smooth pop flow and meshes it with dance-like elements that make the environment feel spirited and fresh.

After watching the "Something In The Way" music video, it's clear that the creative mind of Sines works in many versatile ways, and we can’t wait to see what Sines will release next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sines. How do you feel following the release of “Something In The Way” and its music video?

Jason: This song felt like the perfect intro to the new album and definitely was a standout track from its first demos. Kitty actually features two songs on the forthcoming album, and she definitely made the song into what it is. It’s one of the best things I have ever done and love this tune so much! I found Kitty rather late in the making of the album and we did two songs together, the first and the last which are appropriate because we have decided to work on a full-length to follow “A Series of Moments.”

What is the message you're trying to deliver to listeners throughout, "Something In The Way?”

Kitty: As a consumer, I’m highly aware that most “love” songs are conforming to the highly heteronormative world we live in. I have never been one to write about crushes or romantic desire, but I knew that if I did I would want to embrace and express my own sexuality and direct the lyrics towards a woman crush. I think this is a song to which people can dance freely and feel happy, just as one should be when embracing one’s sexuality. And a special thanks to Jodie Comer in her role as Villanelle, who was my source of inspiration for each and every lyric.

Jason: I was trying to write sort of a new take on Smalltown Boy from Bronski Beat. I wanted to write something about those first “feelings" and embracing one’s totality of self and self-expression including sexual self-expression and acceptance and all of that kind of stuff.

Tell us a bit about the production process when filming your music video. How did you come up with the concept vs. how you made it come to life?

Jason: I had nothing to do with the video. That was 100% Kitty and I absolutely LOVE what she did.

Kitty: The production process for the video went quite smoothly considering it was the first pop music video I had ever put together. However, pre-production and post-production were where my creative juices had to start flowing. I knew I wanted the video to be very colorful and so decided to film with a green screen onto which I could edit psychedelic-type visuals. I owe my friend Brittany Forsmo (who performed as “The Silhouette” in the video).

What can we expect to see next from you?

The new full-length Sines album “A Series of Moments” will be out shortly after the release of the next single “Mr. Ciao (featuring Christia Siravo)

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

I know they aren’t really ‘indie’ but I, really loving the 3 singles off the forthcoming CHVRCHES album couldn’t be more excited about the new record. I think they are one of the smartest and most interesting pop groups around.

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