Tiggi Hawke Captures Pure Passion in, "Gonna Run (Acoustic)"

The London-based pop artist and singer-songwriter Tiggi Hawke leaves us with a breathtaking acoustic rendition of her beaming single, "Gonna Run."

Mastering the art of songwriting with her raw lyricism inspired by life experiences, Tiggi Hawke has had music coursing through her veins since before she can remember. Fast forward to today, Tiggi Hawke has landed various pop gems across Radio 1, Kiss, Wonderland, EDM.com, Phoenix Magazine, FAME, Music News & Record of the Day, while also garnering over ten million streams and 450K+ monthly listeners.

With various electronic-pop singles under her belt, Tiggi Hawke decided to undergo a different venture with her latest release, "Gonna Run (Acoustic)." While the original song tackles a blistering and powerful sonic atmosphere, Tiggi Hawke's latest acoustic version brings us into a sensual and more emotional space with help from the tender instrumentation.

As we begin listening to "Gonna Run (Acoustic)," the song opens with hazy and reverbed electric guitars accompanied by Tiggi Hawke's breathy vocal portrayal. While she expands on lyrics of being drawn to someone and feeling her heartbeat out of her chest when she's in their presence, the accompanying piano perfectly offers a sense of genuineness and honesty that flutters like a pacing heart.

As the electric guitar slowly makes its way back in, Tiggi Hawke continues delivering her breathtaking vocals while drenching our speakers in the utmost passion and sensuality. While Tiggi Hawke holds our hands towards the outro, she closes the song with boundless heart and desire, making it impossible to ignore.

Keep your ears entertained with help from Tiggi Hawke's heartfelt acoustic rendition of "Gonna Run." Find "Gonna Run (Acoustic)" on all streaming platforms, and watch the song's tranquil music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tiggi Hawke. We love the passion and desire you've placed into your recent release, "Gonna Run (Acoustic)." What inspired you to create an acoustic rendition of your original song?

Thank you so much! I really love taking songs apart and looking at them in a different way, it can give the song another meaning to what it originally had and can highlight different aspects of it, like the lyrics and meaning. Gonna Run has gone through quite a few changes production-wise and it felt really good to strip it down and reconnect with it that way, especially going through all the versions that I had of it and re-living all the changes!

Did you work with any musicians or producers when reworking the sound for your rendition of "Gonna Run?"

I did actually, directly and indirectly! As I mentioned, I ended up going back through all the changes and different versions of Gonna Run and I took a few ideas from those versions to use in the acoustic, like some general sounds and some rhythm ideas. I also worked with 2 amazingly talented musicians, who also feature in the video, and we worked out the parts we wanted and pieced it all together. It was also really fun to sing it so different but still trying to keep up the intensity of the message, I love a good challenge!

Seeing that you released an acoustic version of "Gonna Run," you must have felt drawn to the song. Why did you choose to recreate "Gonna Run" instead of any other of your tunes?

Gonna Run was actually written a couple of years ago and has been on my mind for a while so I do feel quite connected to the song and now after some time, it’s also taken on a bit of a different meaning for me, probably due to the different things that are going on in my life now vs when it was written. Sometimes, I do think songs have another side to them that is only really seen when it’s taken in a stripped direction and I’m glad that we got to show that with Gonna Run because there are also definitely songs that lose something when they’re taken all the way back down (at least when I do it!).

Is this your first time delving into a more organic and acoustic sound for "Gonna Run (Acoustic)?" Might you release more acoustic songs/ versions in the future?

I’ve done a few more organic versions of songs in the past but they tend to be quite collaborative so lockdown has not helped with any of that! I had a lot of fun doing something similar sonically with NYC and it’s definitely something I’d like to do more of so hopefully, yes there will be more of it in the future!

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

There’s been some incredible music out this year which has been amazing to listen to and absorb, especially being in lockdown earlier in the year and having the time to appreciate so much more music. Though she’s not independently released, I’m LOVING Olivia Rodrigo’s album ‘Sour’, it’s so beautifully put together and the songs are amazing