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Tune Into Dyvaile's, "Old Soul"

Dyvaile is an artist, producer, and audio engineer from the South-West of Sweden. His sound takes deep inspirations from the peaceful forests of his green home country, blended with an urban bounce of American street culture.

Dyvaile found his gift as a singer while he was singing in school choirs in middle school. The interest grew strong for the groovy R&B/Hip-Hop tracks coming out of the early 2000s, which ended up with a visit at the local music store, where he bought the gear needed for recording vocals and making a digital production to make his own interpretation of the styles he fell in love with.

Later on, he bought MPC's, synthesizers, records, and a record player for sampling, to achieve the same sound and technique in the underground scene of hip-hop but also soul, funk, and jazz.

The sound and mixing techniques kept developing. He decided to take the next step in his career to move out to Los Angeles, where he got his degree in the Associate of Arts program in vocals/audio engineering at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. We assure you that Dyvaile is here to stay with the creative and timeless music that he delivers as his life's purpose.

Honing in on his most recent single, "Old Soul," the title plays into the quintessence of Dyvaile's artistry that he steadily releases in his musical content. Being the ultimate dreamscape, the tempo set in this almost ethereal atmosphere lures you into the avenues of the instrumentation that make a notable sonic venture.

Dyvaile brings forth his techniques as not only a producer on this record, but he incorporates his skill set as a singer and rapper as well. Known to cast outlived experiences in the lyrical dexterity he expresses through the track that he generates, the amount of soul that has gone into the intricately crafted words has us experiencing the vivid canvas of illustrations that Dyvaile has set out to accomplish. Luscious with conveyance, Dyvaile has us eating out of the palm of his hand as this song works its way to euphonious harmonies cascading in victory.

You can hear the timeless mentality go into the miscellany of elements that make up the decadent sounds of "Old Soul." 'They say that I'm something called an old soul. Been pondering is that acceptable or a no-go' is just one of the many lyrical motifs emphasizing his life as someone who indulges in the classic areas of all aspects.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, Dyvaile, and congratulations on the release of “Old Soul.” How would you say that you as an artist and individual fit this soundscape?

I think I’ve come to just the right place to share my world with a lot of music lovers out there who appreciate individuality and want to find new fresh music to add their favorite tunes to enjoy it whenever and wherever just as I would do. BuzzMusic rules and are always very welcoming and warm. I love you guys, you’re great!

Could you please take us into what inspired the concept of this song?

So, when I realized since my high school graduation that I’m this ”old soul” I keep being reminded about it when meeting new people where they keep mentioning it. And I really don’t mind but think more that it’s quite funny that people I don’t even know can see it so clearly. I recently felt that it just needed to be written into a song and the vision I have of it. I know there are people who can relate and even be inspired by that way of thinking so that’s what I hope the listener in this case will end up doing.

As one to consistently work through all areas of the production in your music, what is your favorite part of the creative process?

I honestly don’t have a favorite part of the creative process whereas I think the final result is what all musicians are really looking forward to the most (I guess and hope). With that said, I think all parts of the creation of a song are equally important and fun to do, otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken the time to pursue all of it. But there is really nothing like the feeling when you have a blank canvas and start adding all the instruments and sounds to what is becoming the core of the song and just experimenting with chords, rhythms, and arrangements. Wow, I need to do a track now… See you!

In your own words, what does “Old soul” mean to you? What are you hoping that your listeners take away from it?

This is a feeling and an overall realization I’ve had ever since my high school graduation as I’ve mentioned earlier, that an old soul is just what I am. People surely have their own interpretation of what an old soul is but to me it has been mature thinking, knowing what you want, and not caring what others think of it really. That’s just who I am and that’s also the same thought process I take with me when creating music. Even though you can be inspired by ”old” music (and I mean from what people say is regarded as ”old” because it’s been recorded 60 years ago or whatever the time frame is) I just can’t lie to myself if it’s making me feel a certain way and that’s just the power of music in it’s purest. Being 26 years old growing up in the circle of friends that I’ve had, this is basically the title that is given by this way of being. But it’s just the overall lifestyle also, smoking cigars, sipping cognac, liking odd but delicious pastries haha. And taking the opportunity to do things you want to do even if you have to do it by yourself and I’m just as satisfied with my own company as having people with me.

What can new listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

"Old Soul" is the first song where I could bring out more of my rap skills as that is what I’m kind of doing equally as much as singing but just haven’t released a song with until now. I got projects planned and in the making with smooth and sexy R&B as much as heavy conscious rap.


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