Up And Coming Songstress Ramsey Haynes Makes Debut With “Love Is A Game”

Ramsey Haynes is a 13-year-old singer/songwriter and musician. She has been captivating audiences ever since making her public debut as the opening act during the 2015 Runway Moms for a Cause, fashion fundraising event. Ramsey is also an instrumentalist, she plays the keyboard and guitar. Ukulele, electric guitar and drums are next on her list! When Ramsey is not performing or perfecting her craft, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, baking delicious treats and serving her community. Ramsey released her first single, “Love is a Game”, July 2019.

Love is a Game” begins with a flawless begin intro and Ramsey Haynes’ well-known vocals. Her voice moves through the music with emotional and meaning. Her emotional maturity is showcased through the expert songwriting and experience throughout “Love is a Game”. The simplicity of the music features only a piano and a light beat during the hook. Ramsey uplifts and inspires with her words of motivation. The meaning behind this track can relate well with any listener. Everyone has their individual experience with love and that’s what makes “Love is a Game” so accessible for many listeners. This song is worth a listen! A pleasure to review and we look forward to hearing more from Ramsey Haynes!

Check out “Love is a Game” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

What inspired this song? 

Love Is a Game is all about the experience, it’s about the not so good side of love. I was in a deep place when I wrote this song, I usually need to be in a deep place to write my music.  Love Is a Game is based on my thoughts on love and how it really does things to people when things fall apart. The heartbreak, the stress, and how it chang