Vigorous Sounds Bursting in New Single “Black & Blue” by Gabbi Nixx

Mixing different sounds and styles is artist Gabbi Nixx. Coming from North Carolina, Gabbi Nixx studies music and theater at Brevard College, while still having time to create her musical projects. Combining many elements from funk, to rock, and R&B, Gabbi Nixxs' music puts the listeners in a different mindset. Continuing to grow her sound, she has come out with a new single “Black & Blue”. Displaying her many skills from her knowledge in different music genres, “Black & Blue” reflects a tough, cool side of Gabbi Nixx.

With the distraught feeling of the intro of the song, “Black & Blue” begins with a distant feeling, kind of like you are outside of a raging party. All of a sudden, the volume raises and the hardness of the song begins. The bass is loud, the guitars are distorted, and the drums are grooving. However, the drums kind of sound like they are electronic, showing Gabbi Nixx’s talent for mixing genres. As “Black & Blue” continues, Gabbi Nixx’s voice comes in and completely takes the song to another level. Her vocal range and performance are outstanding. She gives the feeling that she has had a rough time, however she is in control. All in all, “Black and Blue” has a different vibe and really catches the attention of listeners.

Listen to "Black and Blue" here.