Vigorous Sounds Bursting in New Single “Black & Blue” by Gabbi Nixx

Mixing different sounds and styles is artist Gabbi Nixx. Coming from North Carolina, Gabbi Nixx studies music and theater at Brevard College, while still having time to create her musical projects. Combining many elements from funk, to rock, and R&B, Gabbi Nixxs' music puts the listeners in a different mindset. Continuing to grow her sound, she has come out with a new single “Black & Blue”. Displaying her many skills from her knowledge in different music genres, “Black & Blue” reflects a tough, cool side of Gabbi Nixx.

With the distraught feeling of the intro of the song, “Black & Blue” begins with a distant feeling, kind of like you are outside of a raging party. All of a sudden, the volume raises and the hardness of the song begins. The bass is loud, the guitars are distorted, and the drums are grooving. However, the drums kind of sound like they are electronic, showing Gabbi Nixx’s talent for mixing genres. As “Black & Blue” continues, Gabbi Nixx’s voice comes in and completely takes the song to another level. Her vocal range and performance are outstanding. She gives the feeling that she has had a rough time, however she is in control. All in all, “Black and Blue” has a different vibe and really catches the attention of listeners.

Listen to "Black and Blue" here.

Hey Gabbi Nixx!  Welcome to BuzzMusic, our team is very excited to be representing you and your latest single “Black & Blue”.  With many different types of genres incorporated in your music, you must listen to a lot of different stuff.  What are some music genres and artists that inspire your music?

The pleasure is all mine, I’m beyond proud and grateful to be having my first interview for my first single with a group as spicy as BuzzMusic! Y’all are dope and I hope to work more with this team in the future!

My playlist is actually pretty small, but it DOES have lots of genres in it. I’m very rooted in the sound of R & B music because it’s what I’ve grown up on, but I’m addicted to the energy of Rock music. I think that’s why I’m so inspired by the principles of funk! Funk music allows you to put on the most wonderful, outrageous getup you can find, roll around the stage like a Rockstar, but keep the soul in your tone. I try my best to keep from trying to emulate other artists because if I ever do show the influence of someone I want it to be pure, genuine, and unintentional. 

However, some artists that motivate me to exist are Prince: the most fabulous man to ever grace this planet, Freddy Mercury: A self-made superstar who could belt like it was nobody’s business, Rick James: The baddest, lady catching, bass playing kat of his time, Chris Cornell: The rasp god who taught me to sing in the rock genre through his spine chilling music, and Betty Davis: The undeniable Queen of funk who set the bar for every female performer that came after her.

Sometimes going to school while trying to create your musical brand is tough to balance.  However, do you find it a bit easier that you are going to an art school?  Or does the blend sometimes get in the way of creativeness?

Ahhh you don’t know the half! When I found out that I was stuck in this classical music program, I did nothing but trash classical music and piss everybody off. I forced my creativity to get in the way of everything, singing and playing in unconventional ways just to spite my rigid teachers. It wasn’t until I failed theory, that I started to actually learn classical music and opera techniques, just to prove to everyone that I could be capable if I wanted to. Now, I’m starting to gain an understanding of all the different vocal and instrumental colors that you can create if you start with classical as the root and lemme tell you, it’s gonna be SO helpful in the future! A well-balanced blend of being refined and outrageous is definitely in the works!

With doubling in theater as well, does the drama practice help with your music performance when singing in your music?  Do your music skills also blend into your theatrics?

YES! I mean because everyone has a stage persona, but I didn’t really understand it until I was adopted by the theatre program. When I’m on stage, I’m a belting crackhead with dope ass shoes! I have no shame, no stamina limit, no rules, and no self-restraint. However, since practicing theatre, I’ve been able to find newer, calmer, stage personas that help when I’m singing slower or more somber grooves. It gives me the versatility that I’d never even thought about before doing theatre.

Musical skills have definitely helped me in theatre and they’re the only reason I’ve been cast in musicals. I love the choreography and random outbursts of songs that come with the production of a musical and I especially love all the stage time you get. If being a Rockstar doesn’t work out, I’m packing my bags and pursuing the Broadway dream baby!

In the making of “Black & Blue”, did you play some of the instruments or do you band behind you? 

I wish! When I made Black & Blue, I was so inexperienced. I had nothing under my belt besides creativity, natural lyricism, and amateur vocals. My amazing producer AJ Kemp of Trilogy Productions did all the instrumental work for me! I’ve grown a lot since then, and you’ll definitely hear some of my imperfect bass and key work in some of the newer stuff that I plan to release. 

What can we expect from you throughout 2020?

ALOT! I have so many things already recorded and just sitting around, and there are a pleeethoraaa of other tracks in the works! I’m really just trying to find my sound this year and I plan to incorporate everything that I’m leaning into it. This year is going to be full of new releases, different hair colors, and many many more performances around the Asheville area with and without my featuring bands.