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Visit Meghan Pulles' Christmas Escape

Florida's singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles uses her music as an outlet and means to heal. Creating a riptide of impactful moments conveyed by the brilliance she instills in her music, she aims to heal, soothe, motivate, and inspire others enduring pain. Giving fans a musical hug that makes them feel uplifted and connected to their inner selves, she allows them to engage in introspection as they listen.

Treating us to the holiday delicacy of a Christmas time record that we're eager to spin on replay, Meghan Pulles presents her latest single, "My Christmas Escape." After enduring a pandemic to remember, this tame single delves into the winter of 2020 and the theme of loneliness that plenty felt during this time.

Her prevailing timbres grasp your attention like a warm hug as the energy she propels forward is rather memorable. Feeling as if we've been taken into a meaningful showcase of melancholy, the piano forward ballad transports us to the mystically charged foundation of musical therapy. Written in collaboration with her co-writer Sabrina, the nostalgia that is reimagined through this holiday piece lures us into a dazzling display of thoughts and emotion.

Taking the slow tempo and allowing it to sizzle in Christmas themes, the empowering essence that Meghan Pulles conveys is impressive. Being a mere sliver of the holiday goodness that she has to reiterate, this record comes from her seasonal playlist titled "Christmas Nostalgia." Playing into the concept impeccably, we admire how "My Christmas Escape" looks into something we faced as a community worldwide.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Meghan Pulles. We love the holiday essence you bring forth in your Christmas tune "My Christmas Escape." How greatly did the theme you write about apply to your situation last holiday season?

Thank you so much guys!! I really truly appreciate how supportive you have been with me and my music throughout the years, it means the world. This song came out of the pandemic holiday season of 2020. I think I was feeling extremely sad, and nostalgic for Christmases at home since I was spending my first Christmas away from home in a while and it was kind of hitting me hard. One thing I did last year was a lot of cowriting and creating new songs with people all around the world, and it really brought me a lot of joy while I was dealing with the sadness and disappointment of not seeing my family in person for Christmas. Sabrina and I really ended up hitting it off while being in this cohort together, and we came up with this amazing idea to do an uplifting/comforting song for the people who were feeling the same way that we were.

What was it like teaming up with Sabrina to bring a heartfelt vision like this to life?

Sabrina is an incredible human and an incredible artist to work with. While we were writing this, it really felt like we were in each other heads and totally on the same page of what this song should be. Sabrina is such a pro at coming up with chords, and lyrics that really compel the listener so that was super exciting to get to work with her on this song.

How does your creative process teeter when writing songs specific to a season versus year-round? Could you please shine a glimpse into the method that you endured with this track?

Such a great question! I think when you are writing a Christmas song, you have to keep that holiday “emotion” alive, whether it be nostalgia, sadness, joy, love, peace, or hope. Christmas songs give us this instant feeling of comfort, and allow our emotions to be seen no matter if it’s a happy or sad emotion. I think the most important thing to know while writing an original Christmas song is to be as true to your feelings, and where you are at in this season because others will resonate with it, and they can adopt that Christmas song as their own as they celebrate or become nostalgic for years past as in “My Christmas Escape.”

What has been your biggest takeaway from 2021?

I think my biggest takeaway from 2021 is to keep believing in yourself, and always remember where you are, and where you started. The journey is what makes us as artists, and I am very grateful to do what I do and get to change people’s lives every day with my music.

What's next for you?

I am currently recording my debut album which focuses on healing through emotional abuse and trauma which will be out in 2022 or 2023. It’s been so exciting to collaborate with a new producer and find a new sound for it, I can’t wait for you all to hear it!


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