Want to Hear a Real "monster?" Look No Further, endcredits Deliver One Right to Your Music Platform

Arizonian music group endcredits released their impassioned, emotionally-stirring single, "monster," which was recently featured on BuzzMusic. The song was a collaborative effort between vocalist/guitarist Shayne, drummer Brandon, and bass player Seb.

"monster" also saw a collaboration with rapper/vocalist Rio Wiley, who was originally in the endcredits group, playing guitar. The collective effort ended up producing a flavourful and stimulating environment for listeners and offered a disparate style to what they're used to hearing today.

During their BuzzMusic interview, endcredits shared that "monster" touched on painful and personal experiences in past relationships. They confirmed that their track will most definitely appear on their highly-anticipated EP, which is set to debut somewhat soon in the music world.

Other than their upcoming EP, endcredits plans to perform at many venues once the timing is right, as their front-forward sound is most elaborately heard during a live show! For now, all we can do is patiently wait for the group to offer us more of their stimulating sound.

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