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Watch Sir Christopher Saint Douse Himself In, “Happiness”

As an award-winning music artist and activist, Sir Christopher Saint is a pop star with a purpose. Featured in Yahoo!, Flaunt Magazine, Forbes, The Advocate, and more, Sir Christopher Saint's mission is to call forth the light and love in all of us, baring his heart and soul as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sir Christopher Saint was chosen to appear in McDonald's first-ever "House of Pride" campaign as the featured artist and songwriter alongside Ru Paul's Drag Race Alum, Laganja Estranja. A fierce visionary for human rights and storytelling, Forbes has named him one of the top entrepreneurs in America in 2021.

Hoping to continue to uplift and empower others with his powerful message of love through his voice and music, Sir Christopher Saint is a visionary.

What sets Sir Christopher Saint apart from the rest has to be his dynamic charisma. Clicking play on his latest music video for "Happiness," you immediately feel your soul uplifted in the intended light and humorous manner. Upbeat and effervescent instrumentation complements the angelic croons of Sir Christopher Saint as he compellingly has us eating from the palm of his hand.

It's impossible not to be fully tuned in as you grasp onto the words he professes. The lyrical motifs he croons simmer in cheeky wordplay as he expresses how he loves to be filled with 'hap-penis.' With wit and charm that sends us into a frenzy, how could you not be curious about the art and style Sir Christopher Saint provides to us? As colorful and immersive as the up-and-coming star, Saint Christopher Saint brings us the "Happiness" music video in its glory. Each scene captures just how creative Sir Christopher Saint truly is from the sensual innuendos and a wardrobe that is now a must to secure.

Look out for the eggplant and peach emoji costumes that drive us through the roof because whatever you need, Saint Christopher Saint has tenfold.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sir Christopher Saint, and congratulations on releasing your latest music video and single for "Happiness." We're obsessed with everything this sonic and visual pairing offers! Could you please take us into the inspiration that brought this concert to life?

I love the genuine emotion behind this song. Even though it's a little bit naughty, it is really a sweet pop track about finding your soulmate and true love. I wrote the song with one of my best friends, Brooke Tomlinson, and it was produced by my amazing producer, Will Everett. It has a sassy but colorful Katy Perry "Teenage Dream" vibe but showcases my own spin on futuristic bubblegum. I think the visuals perfectly match the spirit of the song. It makes me happy!

Who and what inspires your overall approach to music? Has this evolved over the years?

I'm so inspired by icons of the early 2000s like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Even in the 2000s, I love that core of bubblegum pop music. I want to bring that fun, sweetness, and sexiness into my music. As a queer artist, my goal and mission are to communicate my own version of love. I will keep writing love songs in all genres and styles so that queer love continues to have its place in mainstream pop music.

What was it like filming the "Happiness" music video? Who played a key role in the ultimate execution of this vision?

It was such a fun day. We shot the visual in the middle of Covid, so we had to have a totally Covid-safe shoot. I got to film with an amazing artist and actor named Conor Sheehan, who is my real-life best friend and muse. I adore and love him so much, and he brought such natural chemistry and comedic presence to the song. You feel a genuine love story, and that's what I wanted to convey… of course, with some eggplant emojis on top. I got to work with my amazing creative team, Victoria Innocenzi, Hunter Gulan, Ryan Jordan, and GlassHouse Visuals, to bring the video to life.

What memorable experiences do you have from the making of this masterpiece?

Every video has its own special memory. This video was the first video that I really brought this element of my personal style out to this degree. The outfits were MAJOR! I felt like I could fully be me. To work with such a talented artist opposite me, Conor, made me feel so comfortable in my performance. It was truly a magical set about me telling my love stories, and I'm glad to have this video to commemorate this time in my journey.

What's next for you?

I have tons more songs and music coming out super soon, a short film that will be showcased at various film festivals, and my debut album "Songs About Conor" coming this summer. I hope to continue to connect all of my art and music to a movement of queer empowerment, activism, and celebration as I continue to build my career.


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