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We Heard It First: Beyond Tha Noize Releases New Hit “Dance All Night”

Richard Sacilotto aka Beyond Tha Noize is a DJ and producer currently based out of Melbourne, Australia. Heavily inspired by his father growing up who also was a DJ when he was young. His father never made millions of dollars but he instilled in him his love for sharing his style of music with everyone that entered the venues he performed at. This alone jolted his inspiration to bring that same energy and happiness around the world. His most recent project, Beyond Tha Noize, seeks to create an atmospheric and immersive sound mixed with an engaging performance style and stunning attention to subtle details of this production. Excited to hear “Dance All Night”.

This track is a dance HIT! Richard knows exactly what he is doing with this project Beyond Tha Noize. The song comes in strong with a heavily composed 30 second intro. Guiding us right into these eccentric vocals that we cannot help but to dance to. Then about midway through the song there is a build up that you would think is the climax but no just some nice transitions. Blending all the sounds that make good feel good beats. Then we get the cliff into the outro of the song and still giving the same energy on a different level. Closing out just as strong as it opened as it washes you over with a cool tonal ending. That track makes me want to workout and literally Dance All Night.

Listen to "Dance All Night" here.

Hey! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Richard Sacilotto also known as Beyond Tha Noize

I was born in a country town in Western Australia Called Kalgoorlie-Boulder but

am now based in Melbourne, Victoria to continue to pursue the production of my

music and am aiming to live out of LA by the end of 2019.

When did you discover your recent passion project in Beyond Tha Noize?

Beyond Tha Noize began 5 years ago, originally as a duo with a good

friend of mine Tom Dodd, Van Morgan, who has some amazing work

coming out very soon also! However, as of the last 4 years I have been

working with his brother Teckk on the project. I have put my heart and soul

into this project. We have done all the work ourselves, everything from the

music, to the record label, all our artwork, and as of recently NITE LIFE by

Beyond Tha Noize, a new fashion label currently selling high-end sneakers

and looking to expand into clothing also. Excitingly growing and

continuously expanding, Beyond Tha Noize is expecting so much more to

come for the new year.

What would you say is the idea behind “Dance All Night”?

Dance all night is exactly the idea behind the track. We just wanted to

create a beat that encourages you to dance all night. We want this to be a

piece that allows you to feel free and let yourself go, encourage a positive

dance vibe that’s captures memories to be made! This is the reason why

we produce and DJ, we want to spread the love of life through our music.

During this tour in India, what can we expect from your performances?

I am extremely excited for this tour. I’m definitely going to be bringing

enormous energy to my shows and playing a mass amount of unreleased

music. I will be pushing the limits with some of my favourite big melody,

vocal-driven, feel good tracks that the crowd can embrace with me.

Any more hits that you have coming out this year? What is the inspiration behind them?

I have a line up of new releases in progress at the moment. Exclusively, the

next track I am releasing is “SMOKING KILLS”. I’m also currently working

on a couple more tracks to follow, titled “THE LOVE 2019” and

“COMPUTER LOVE”. I’m absolutely loving the vibe of our next release

SMOKING KILLS and the direction it’s going in. The vocals on this one are

amazing and the lyrics have so much meaning behind them. The meaning

and inspiration behind SMOKING KILLS follows the story of meeting

someone special, everything being perfect although the message indicates

the fear to commit to something serious but then later being regretful that it

may be too late. But is it?! That’s all I’ll give away at this point so, you’ll

have to wait for the release with just as much eagerness as I have. The

release date is just around the corner, so make sure you’re following my

socials so you don’t miss it! Also, remember, smoking kills. ;)


Connect with Beyond Tha Noize on social media:


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